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Uploaded by micaiah12 - 2011-04-15
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We have finally released our iClassic x Suit. We made iClassic x one of the most customized
free iPhone theme available.
Then we took it and split it into three parts, or versions you might say.

Here are the three available versions.

iClassic 3x : This version of iClassic x was built for any of the ios (iPhone Operating System) 3.9 and under.
Why we did this is because apple has changed some of the file names, meaning, that we have to name some of the files
different for ios 4.0 and up. So in short we built this for ios 3.9 and under also we used small PNG images and very
well done images. That way you can have a good looking iPhone theme + speed with respringing and boot up time.

iClassic 4x : Of course you can probably guess that iClassic 4x was indeed built for ios 4.0 and up,
but what you didn't know is that this theme is not even complete yet. Don't get me wrong,
this theme is indeed very nice, but we don't have it all complete yet. So be a little patient,
we will slowly continue to add icons and updates so we will keep you posted.

iClassic xPRO : O.K. so we built iClassic 3x and 4x, but once that was done we here at ThemeIT started wondering.
Could we make a version of iClassic x that will work on all ios? Well here is the answer,
iClassic xPRO. iClassic xPRO is a good iTheme, not yet completely built, but hey it's still a good theme.
We aren't really set in stone about the icons, so we will be making some different ones and be adding them,
trying to see what looks best. Also here is another little thing you should know.
iClassic xPRO does not necessarily look like iClassic 3x and 4x. It almost has both of their looks combined.
The two main colors are Black and Blue although there are many more colors. Cydia Repo:

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  • iClassic xPRO v4.0
  • iClassic xPRO v4.0
  • iClassic xPRO v4.0
  • iClassic xPRO v4.0


2012-07-31 at 12:02 AM
What font are you using in those screenshots?