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Retro Phone Dialer ver 2.5

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Uploaded by Mr_Sparkle - 03-01-2008
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Version 2.5 (now supports 1.1.2-1.1.4)

I am personally running this on my phone that is currently at 1.1.4 and had it working previously at 1.1.2 with no problems. I cannot confirm 1.1.3 as I wen't straing to 1.1.4 but it should work fine there as well.

If you aren't aware this is a complete reskinning for the dialer app. Including buttons that "push-in" and light-up when touched

As with previous releases all the files in the zip go into your folder. Be sure to backup your existing files before overwriting with these though! If you decide you want to go back or is something doesn't work you'll want to restore to those originals.

Original Thread here:

Also included with this release are alternate files for the "CALL" button. Just rename the 5 files, callbkgnd_ALT.png, callbkgnd_pressed_ALT.png, callglyph_ALT.png, callglyph_big_ALT.png, and DefaultDialer_ALT.png (Getting rid of the "_ALT") and upload the alternates instead.

Pics Below of the default and ALT versions



  • Retro Phone Dialer ver 2.5
  • Retro Phone Dialer ver 2.5


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