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Sadgirl Keypad Sadgirl Keypad : Black sad girl keypad dialer theme (190.5 KB) 2010-09-15 224 0
Pokemon Black-White Dialer Pokemon Black-White Dialer : This is a dialer theme i made especially for Pokemon's Fan~ hope you like it~ (543.2 KB) 2010-07-29 95 0
[UPDATED]Tonebomb goth dialler [UPDATED]Tonebomb goth dialler : A Phone Dialler theme in an AnimeDarkGothGrafPunk Style. Influences include Marvel style, punk album ... [more] (79 Bytes) 2010-06-18 40 0
Pastel Pink Dialer Pastel Pink Dialer : I created this theme I hope you chicks like it :) http://i4 ... [more] (200.4 KB) 2010-01-28 113 0
Retro Dialer Pressed Fixed Retro Dialer Pressed Fixed : Ok, wow. I didn't even realize this until my phone bricked and I had to re-add the retro dialer pre ... [more] (829.2 KB) 2009-12-16 305 0
iSense Bar Dialer iSense Bar Dialer : Bar Dialer from the iSense theme. This is the original bar dialer from Apple, but with a new color a ... [more] (256.1 KB) 2009-12-13 1,917 1
Donnie Darko dialer Donnie Darko dialer : alright so here is my donnie darko dialer as i usualy do i put a name at the top and one without the ... [more] (1.39 MB) 2009-11-21 75 0
bob marley dialer bob marley dialer : this is a bob marley dialer i just put together my lab partner gave me the idea to do one since he w ... [more] (1.02 MB) 2009-10-10 416 0
hello kitty dialer hello kitty dialer : hey so someone posted this dialer in athread wnated it changed to work with 3.0 i did that for them ... [more] (800.7 KB) 2009-09-28 625 0
The Vampire Diaries The Vampire Diaries : Ok,so I know there has to be others out there that are in love with this show besides myself. So I d ... [more] (102.5 KB) 2009-09-25 66 0
harry potter dialer with bevel harry potter dialer with bevel : here is the same harry potter dialer with a bevel on the keypad i couldn't decide which one i liked ... [more] (946.1 KB) 2009-09-06 65 0
Harry Potter Dialer Harry Potter Dialer : here is a dialer i just now put together its harry potter ;) (987.9 KB) 2009-09-06 41 0
Olive And Black Olive And Black : New Dialer For Winterboard (154.9 KB) 2009-08-25 173 0
Black dialer Winterboard Black dialer Winterboard : Here's the original black dialer now for winterboard (126.7 KB) 2009-08-24 942 1
Blue for Winterboard Blue for Winterboard : Blue Dialer for Winterboard as requested (194.4 KB) 2009-08-24 408 1
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