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Category Description Files
Homescreen Icon Sets These sets will change the appearance of your homescreen 265
Battery Icons Change the icons of your battery while charging 284
Signal Bars Use these sets to change your signal bars 97
Icons Only Icons for your iPhone 241
iSwitcher Themes Theme files for use with iSwitcher 81
Sounds Sounds for your iPhone 261
SummerBoard Themes Themes built for SummerBoard 1,366
Carrier Logos Carrier Logos 239
Bar Dialers Bar Dialers for your iPhone 207
Customize Theme Packs Packs for Customize 2.0 63
Boot Logos To be used when creating pwnd firmware 167
App Themes Themes for Popular Native Apps 94
vWallpaper For vWallpaper App 359
Weather App Screens Replacement Screens For Weather App 55
Calculator App Screens Change the look of your calculator with these 32
Lock Screens & Sliders Change your lock screen and slider image with one of these. 251
Badges These are used to replace the badges on your phone (mail call notification bubbles etc.) 25
WinterBoard Themes optimized and structured for WinterBoard. 434
Other Other various icon sets for your iPhone 250

Files in category : iPhone Themes
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Bud Lite LimeTheme Bud Lite LimeTheme : Here is another Beer iPhone theme done by Request, This time is Bud Lite Lime!! Enjoy!! (1.86 MB) 05-16-2011 47 1
Heineken Theme Heineken Theme : For all you Beer lovers here is a special iPhone theme dedicated to one of my favorite beers Heineke ... [more] (2.31 MB) 05-15-2011 114 1
GreenInversion GreenInversion : This is a Sbsettings theme that has a green background and all the icons are inverted.;);) **In ... [more] (411.6 KB) 05-13-2011 42 0
ThemeIT iClassic x Suit ThemeIT iClassic x Suit : UPDATE ;) iClassic xPRO: NOW Faster Download New icons, now less mb space, more UI interface im ... [more] (294 Bytes) 04-26-2011 105 0
iJoshRed iJoshRed : Customize theme for iPhone works on all firmwares that support winterboard. (Does not work on iPhone ... [more] (4.21 MB) 04-26-2011 197 0
ASL_Night at the Roxbury ASL_Night at the Roxbury : You know you wantz it! Animated wallpaper featuring the viral head-bob gif w/ some lock/unlock so ... [more] (2.03 MB) 04-26-2011 3 0
Alhilal pro theme 2.0 Alhilal pro theme 2.0 : Alhilal pro Theme Blue for alhilal club fans Menus and icons and Waldock and lock the screen, cal ... [more] (56.3 KB) 04-23-2011 21 0
iClassic 3x v5.0 iClassic 3x v5.0 : Inside of zip file: Link to download, being that it takes to long to upload a 19.00 mb of data We ... [more] (310 Bytes) 04-15-2011 105 0
iClassic xPRO v4.0 iClassic xPRO v4.0 : Inside of zip file: Link to download, being that it takes to long to upload a 19mb file We have f ... [more] (310 Bytes) 04-15-2011 111 1
Dragon Age 2 HD Dragon Age 2 HD : A theme I created inspired by Dragon Age 2. I've changed a good bit of the icons, some of the UI stu ... [more] (4.04 MB) 04-14-2011 15 0
WWE-The Corre Theme WWE-The Corre Theme :  (5.75 MB) 04-14-2011 10 0
Scarface Theme Scarface Theme : Scarface theme with unlock and lock sounds.the icons I did not do them I found them in the internet. ... [more] (1.79 MB) 04-12-2011 96 0
ASL_Diablo1 Battery ASL_Diablo1 Battery : This is a Battery Theme i created showing Diablo1 Health Globe Enjoy! READ THE READ ME! mad ... [more] (421.2 KB) 04-11-2011 59 0
ASL_BLockFix ASL_BLockFix : This will remove the backgrounds behind the clock and LockScreen Slider on 4.3.1. Needed to make ... [more] (14.9 KB) 04-11-2011 51 0
ASL_Mario1 ASL_Mario1 : *EDIT* 4/14/11* Lots of NEW stuff, Pics, Ringtones, check it out! ______________________________ ... [more] (5.01 MB) 04-11-2011 92 0
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