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Stock Icon Set (by dlubbat) Stock Icon Set (by dlubbat) : Here is a littile something that I put together. the original stock icons including the itunes music ... [more] (66.8 KB) 2008-01-11 1,651 0
Simply Colourful Theme Pack Simply Colourful Theme Pack : Here's a pack of my four different coloured themes. Check the forum thread for extra icons and stuff ... [more] (1.33 MB) 2007-11-10 1,579 0
Face Face : Got a little bored and decided to create this...... (440.2 KB) 2007-10-20 5,620 2
Stitch iPhone Theme v2 Stitch iPhone Theme v2 : I've recently made a few changes to my original theme and thought i'd share incase people are intere ... [more] (483.7 KB) 2007-10-19 2,252 0
Family Guy Family Guy : GIGGTYT!! GIGGTY!! please enjoy (602.4 KB) 2007-10-18 3,111 0
Time Machine Icon Time Machine Icon : This is a pack of 22 Icons for the SummerBoard TIME MACHINE Theme created by Digitalkid56. These Ico ... [more] (593.8 KB) 2007-10-08 614 0
Happy, Shiney Icons Happy, Shiney Icons : I made a few fun little icon's back when you had to mod by hand with iPhoneInterface. Now that it's ... [more] (106.2 KB) 2007-10-03 1,605 0
Stargate Atlantis Theme Stargate Atlantis Theme : This is the first theme I have ever made. This theme includes replacement carrier icons, a new dock, ... [more] (1.78 MB) 2007-09-28 346 0
Haruhi 1 Haruhi 1 : This is simply a Haruhi home screen. It's a bit busy with all the icons on top, but in a locked sta ... [more] (154.0 KB) 2007-09-26 336 0
HALO3 HALO3 : Well I thought it only fitting that I create this theme due to the release of HALO3 tonight. I've in ... [more] (2.02 MB) 2007-09-25 1,554 0
Stitch iPhone Theme Stitch iPhone Theme : Hey guys, This is my first attempt at modifying my iPhone. It's really just icon changes and the ... [more] (373.5 KB) 2007-09-22 1,638 0
my fiRst tHeem my fiRst tHeem : "my fiRst tHeem" homescreen icon set, for use with SummerBoard. (523.2 KB) 2007-09-21 1,857 0
Mystic Angel Mystic Angel : Please note this theme is not designed for SummerBoard Here is my first creation. I wanted someth ... [more] (900.3 KB) 2007-09-16 92 0
Precious Silver (summerboard 2.1) Precious Silver (summerboard 2.1) : I take no credit for these icons, but put them in the proper folder and renamed to work as a theme w ... [more] (520.6 KB) 2007-09-16 624 0
Harry Potter Theme Harry Potter Theme : I did this theme for a request. This theme is SummerBoard 2.1+ compatible and is packaged to be use ... [more] (481.7 KB) 2007-09-16 2,653 0
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