BTstack Keyboard Demo

Bluetooth Keyboard Driver. This Bluetooth Keyboard driver is based on the BTstack Bluetooth Stack. It supports various HID Keyboards. This demo version does not allow to use the keyboard outside this application.

Repo: BigBoss
This package is from a default repository.
Version: 1.0-24939
Author: Matthias Ringwald
Section: Networking

Identifier: ch.ringwald.keyboarddemo
Maintainer: BigBoss
File Name: debs2.0/keyboarddemo_1.0-24939.deb
Size: 70554 bytes
Depends: ch.ringwald.btstack (>= 0.1-551), firmware (<< 3.0) | com.saurik.iphone.ske
Architecture: iphoneos-arm
6 votes, 2.83 out of 5.


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