Tethering 3GS - 3.1.2

BETA! Use this on your own risk!
ONLY FOR iPhone 3GS AND 3.1.2 !!

Enables the Tethering Switch under 3.1.2
After install reboot your iPhone and load your mobileconfig from http://www.iphone-notes.de/mobileconfig/

Thanks and patch credits to MuscleNerd & DevTeam

Repo: http://apt.iphone-storage.de
This package is NOT from a non-default repository.
Version: 0.1
Author: Andre Sendowski
Section: Tweaks 3.1.2

Identifier: de.sendowski.tethering3GS312
Maintainer: iPhone-notes.de
File Name: ./debs/Tethering3GS312.deb
Size: 1512 bytes
Depends: de.sendowski.bsdiff
Pre-Depends: firmware (>= 3.1.2)
Conflicts: de.sendowski.tethering3GS312
Architecture: iphoneos-arm
8 votes, 3.37 out of 5.

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