La Vie en Rose

The universe in pink!!! Well at least pretty much everything on your iPhone. Theme includes LockScreen, Icons, Wallpaper, Battery, Wifi, text message bubbles, Loading Screens, Most UI images and changes to all built in apps. Doesn't get much more pink then this. Theme should also work on other versions of the iPhone and iPod touch but was designed for the 3.0 firmware. Hope you enjoy. If you have any comments or suggestions please let me know. [email protected] http:/ (Galaxy wallpaper from

This package is from a default repository.
Version: 1.1
Author: Jesse Sopel
Section: Themes (Complete)

Identifier: com.modmyi.lavieenrose
Maintainer: poetic_folly
File Name: pool/main/c/com.modmyi.lavieenrose/com.modmyi.lavieenrose_1.1_iphoneos-arm.deb
Size: 5318900 bytes
Depends: winterboard
Architecture: iphoneos-arm
1 votes, 3 out of 5.


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