3G Unrestrictor 2

Now with FaceTime on 3G support. Allows you to trick applications into thinking they are on 3G even though they are on WiFi and by this remove restrictions like not being able to use VoIP apps like Skype or watch TV with slingplayer on 3G.

Repo: BigBoss
This package is from a default repository.
Version: 2.6.6-1
Author: Kim Streich
Section: Tweaks

Identifier: com.crashx.unrestrictor3g
Maintainer: BigBoss
File Name: debs2.0/cydiastore_com.crashx.unrestrictor3g_v2.6.6-1.deb
Size: 1734450 bytes
Depends: mobilesubstrate (>= 0.9.3228-1)
Pre-Depends: firmware (>= 4.0)
Conflicts: com.kstreich-dev.3gunrestrictor5
Architecture: iphoneos-arm
35 votes, 3.15 out of 5.


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