Accent, a beautiful and clean theme by Maarten16 and Subywrex. The theme has a full UI, and is available in multiple colors. It also contains some 3rd party app skins. In v1.0 are What'sApp, SnowCover 4, SBSettings, NCSettings (SBS and NC are both available separately in Cydia) and CameraGrabber themed. More will be added later on. All icons are custom made from scratch! App Store icons are being auto-created. All yours, including the color mods and further add-ons, for only $2.99 Check out the screenshots!

Repo: ZodTTD & MacCiti
This package is from a default repository.
Version: 1.3
Author: Maarten16 & Subywrex
Section: Themes (Complete)

Identifier: mobi.macciti.accent
Maintainer: iC
File Name: pool/main/m/mobi.macciti.accent/mobi.macciti.accent_1.3_iphoneos-arm.deb
Size: 20140992 bytes
Depends: winterboard
Architecture: iphoneos-arm
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