How and What We Crawl

The Gist is essentially a Debian APT repository crawler.

We strictly crawl repositories for Jay Freeman (saurik)'s Cydia™ iPhone APT frontend app. While Cydia comes with a handful of pre-installed "default sources," anyone is free to create a repository if they have the know-how and means. We not only catalog those default repos, but dozens of others which are not added to Cydia out-of-the-box, so to speak. Packages from default repos (which include saurik's own Tangelo, our repo (the first 3rd party Cydia repo), BigBoss, ZodTTD, and iSpazio) are marked with a green bar like this:

This package is from a trusted repository.

Packages from non-default sources have a red bar like this:

This package is NOT from a trusted repository.

We allow users to submit repo(s) to be crawled, but only approve repositories which maintain original, legal packages. Warez and plagiarizers are not included on our site.

Info and Tips

This setup is NOT an instant one. The crawling is done on an hourly basis, and DOES update old packages as well as add new ones on each crawl.

It's not perfect; for instance if a package is on multiple repos (which it shouldn't be, but it happens), it may appear twice in our system. If a package was added, but later deleted by the repository maintainer, we still have the package listed. That's by design, but can cause confusion. Eventually we'll iron out or better address these situations.

We've got RSS feeds for pretty much everything you could ask for on our Cydia RSS feeds page. You can grab a feed for any specific category, or any specific repo. You can also grab our main feed (link is an RSS feed) which delivers ALL the content we crawl from all repos.

If you know the bundleid of any package, you can easily find it on Link structures for packages are: So for instance, WinterBoard would be, and StatusNotifier would be

Our search function is also flexible. If you want to search Cydia, you can narrow down your results to check only specific repositories (sorry, not specific categories yet), and you can choose whether you'd like to search all fields in a DEBIAN control file, or just say, name and description. For instance, maybe you want to know EVERY package that depends on gsc.wildcat (most iPad ONLY packages will depend on this) - you'd toss gsc.wildcat in as your search parameter, make sure In Repository is set to all (it is by default), and select Depends from the in drop-down next to the search term. Voila, a list of all packages that depend on gsc.wildcat.

We do not publicly display email addresses of developers/artists/package maintainers, this is by design.