Its a Frost, a neat and decent theme, supports all AppStore apps and most common Cydia apps!! Theme specifically designed for 5 column SpringBoard and FiveIRows (available under Touch-Mania repo. It also has live Weather icon, Live Clock icon (just install WeatherIcon and Live Clock from Cydia). It also includes a new Text Interface, new battery icon, WIFI, 3G, EDGE, new slide buttons to unlock and power off and also includes new color schemes to match the theme. If you need more icons, then email me, enjoy!

This package is NOT from a non-default repository.
Version: 3.0
Author: Abhishek
Section: Themes

Identifier: com.ifoneguide.itorquefrost
Maintainer: iFoneguide
File Name: ./debs/iTorque-Frost.deb
Size: 2344952 bytes
Depends: winterboard
Architecture: iphoneos-arm
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