Asking Alexandria Theme

This is an Asking Alexandria theme. The icons (some may be missing since I used a few for my common apps) spell out "Asking Alexandria" Here's my order A- Echofon S- biteSMS K- Kik I- Music N- Safari G- Facebook A- App Store L- iTunes E- Clock X- Mail A- Contacts N- Notes D- Settings R- YouTube I- Phone A- Photos

Repo: ZodTTD & MacCiti
This package is from a default repository.
Version: 1.0
Author: xMadAsAHatter
Section: Themes (SpringBoard)

Identifier: com.codethemed.askingalexandriatheme8259
Maintainer: ZodTTD
File Name: pool/main/c/com.codethemed.askingalexandriatheme8259/com.codethemed.askingalexandriatheme8259_1.0_iphoneos-arm.deb
Size: 10804696 bytes
Depends: winterboard
Architecture: iphoneos-arm
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