BigBoss Recommended Tools

Combined list of hacker tools. Cydia no longer comes preinstalled with most useful command line apps. This package installs most the missing ones in one swoop. There is no real package provided here. It is only a set of depends on other various tools so that your command line can become useful again.

Repo: BigBoss
This package is from a default repository.
Version: 1.3.2
Author: BigBoss
Section: System

Identifier: bigbosshackertools
Maintainer: BigBoss
File Name: debs2.0/bigboss_recommended_hacker_tools_1.3.2.deb
Size: 2762 bytes
Depends: syslogcmdline, adv-cmds, apt, basic-cmds, bootstrap-cmds, bzip2, class-dump, coreutils, developer-cmds, diskdev-cmds, file-cmds, gawk, gdb, git, gzip, iokittools, less, make, nano, network-cmds, ldid, openssh, rsync, shell-cmds, system-cmds, com.ericasadun.utilities, top, uikittools, findutils, inetutils, diffutils, lsof, subversion, vim, xar, tar, patch, unrar, unzip, wget, whois, xml2, zip, p7zip
Architecture: iphoneos-arm
36 votes, 3.76 out of 5.

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