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    by Published on 05-19-2011 10:50 AM
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    On Thursday, China Mobile announced a definitive agreement with Apple that provides for the iPhone maker to - at some undefined point in the relatively near future - support the Chinese carrier's fourth-generation TD-LTE data network. According to MarketWatch, the parties have "reached consensus" with no other details provided with regard to Apple's plans for implementation of the fourth-generation technology. ...
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    A class action lawsuit filed against AT&T is alleging the company is "systematically" overstating data usage for iPad and iPhone users.

    The group of lawyers heading the suit hired an independent computer firm to measure every time a group of iPhones and iPads used data in some way. Then they compared the observed data usage to the data usage AT&T claimed the devices used on their monthly bills. The lawyers claim that AT&T systematically ...
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    by Published on 05-18-2011 10:31 PM

    Who would have thought that the next app to use the Unreal Engine would not be a game, but instead be a tool to help drivers adjust to a new route? Bay Bridge Explorer is a new free app that is compatible with all iOS devices and gives drivers a chance to see what the new route will look like when construction is complete after the Memorial Day weekend.

    The Bay Bridge has been undergoing major seismic upgrades for the last few years ...
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    by Published on 05-18-2011 09:52 PM

    Call it a coincidence or mere happenstance, but on the same day we get news that Apple is ramping up its data storage facilities around the US, word comes that Apple has apparently sealed the deal (finally!) with several of the top labels in the music industry. Naturally, this development suggests that Apple is inching ever closer to rivaling both Amazon and Google with its very own cloud-storage and music ...
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    by Published on 05-18-2011 08:43 PM

    The wonder-kid I/O born of illegitimate relations between Apple and Intel might be in for a custody battle soon.

    Taking a gander at Intel's trademarks page, the 10Gbps Thunderbolt I/O is clearly listed. However, looking for a trademark filing in both Canada and the United States turns up empty on Intel's behalf. Instead, Apple turns up as the owner of the Thunderbolt trademark.

    This ...
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    by Published on 05-18-2011 02:13 PM

    For months, we've been hearing about Apple's comprehensive preparations for the company's new 500,000 square-foot data center in North Carolina. While myriad clues exist as to how Apple may ultimately employ such resources, the folks in Cupertino are remaining tight-lipped on the cloud-related rumors that seem poised to become reality at any moment.

    Still, if there was any doubt about the massive server ...
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    by Published on 05-18-2011 12:11 PM

    Any day now. That's what we're hearing is the timeframe for Apple to announce it's yearly staple known as the "back-to-school" sales bonanza - an annual occurrence that typically serves up more than a few sweet promotions for customers in the market for a brand new Mac.

    Of course, speculation surrounding the established promotion's return isn't surprising in the least, as Apple traditionally opts for ...
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    by Published on 05-18-2011 10:52 AM

    Apple's plans for this weekend are becoming increasingly clear. The prospect of a new product launch has all but died. It seems this weekend will see the official unveiling of the new Apple retail store experience.

    9 to 5 Mac has received a number of unconfirmed claims from a trusted source on what changes Apple will be making. According to the source, the changes being made are internally being referred to as "Apple Store ...
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    We always find web pages on the internet we want to save and continue to visit. If you find a story, article, or cool website that interests you and you want to save it, generally speaking you would bookmark it for future viewing. But for those who love to share their findings, it can be difficult many times to share it on their social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.). On top of this, there's the question of how best to archive/save those URLs for future sharing or viewing by ...
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    by Published on 05-18-2011 08:54 AM
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    The countdown clock on the parlor.fm website underscores the anticipation felt by many ahead of the voice-based social network's long-awaited debut, now set for launch at TechCrunch Disrupt (May 23rd-25th) at Pier 94 in New York City. After a successful stint in beta testing, the time has finally come for the vast public to see what all the buzz is about.

    On tap for Monday will be a formal ...
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    by Published on 05-18-2011 07:48 AM

    Last night the Online Apple Store went down, and alert amongst the online community reached DEFCON 4, bordering on 5 (it has come to my attention DEFCON 5 is the lowest level of alarm. My bad.). The speculation and ferver around what Apple could possibly be unveiling reached a boil.

    Then nothing.

    Imagine everyone's dismay when the store came back online with no new products or visible changes. Not even a measly ...
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    by Published on 05-18-2011 01:08 AM
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    Speculation on facial recognition iOS software has been floating around ever since the release of the iPhone 4. Rumors of Apple buying small companies (e.g. Polar Rose) with the purpose of creating facial recognition technology went rampant the summer of the iPhone 4 release. But to this day, no report has been stated or released the public from Apple about their progress. For all of us who are avid jailbreak community enthusiasts realize that any opening in this regard will soon be filled if Apple doesn't step up the game. An upcoming application will add the ...