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    by Published on 06-12-2009 12:25 AM

    The latest almost complete build (10A380 ) of Snow Leopard 10.6 was distributed at WWDC a few short days ago. Now images from the build have made there way onto the internet. In addition to everything mentioned from previous builds Snow Leopard will also have the following tweaks/enhancements when you upgrade for $29 in September.

    Features listed in order with the gallery below:
    • Stacks in Grid View now has transparency.
    • Desktop and Screen saver control panels only has thumbnails
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    by Published on 06-11-2009 11:26 AM

    This is a great news for all people who'd like to have an unsubsidized iPhone 3GS. Now there's no need to go to Apple stores and get in the queue to get one - as you can get it directly from Apple's Online store, delivered at your doorstep on June 19th!

    To get it, you must follow the little trick below. It has been confirmed to work by an Apple ...
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    by Published on 06-11-2009 08:54 AM

    Just a couple short days after the Macbook Pro 13" was announced ifixit has gotten there hands on one and made an excellent disassembly guide. One of the first things discovered (before the mbp was even pulled apart) was that the SD card slot is a bit underwhelming and not spot on with Apple's design principals. Instead of having an SD slot where an inserted card is flush with the body, the card sticks out approx. half an inch -- very un-apple-esque. edit: That being said the whole thing ...
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    by Published on 06-11-2009 12:59 AM

    On June 10th, 7 days before the release of the highly anticipated OS 3.0, Apple released the second push notification test app. This time it is the AOL's AIM Developer Preview app. Developers received the following email:

    The app functions quite nicely and the push notifications bring a much need upgrade to an instant messenger
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    by Published on 06-10-2009 04:26 PM

    On June 19th the iPhone 3G S will be available from both Apple and AT&T stores at 8am and 7am respectively.

    AT&T has also released a video (above) on youtube clarifying how things are going to pan out on iPhone day. Right now you can pre-order the iPhone online for delivery or at a company owned AT&T store to pick up on June 19th.

    There will two lines at AT&T stores on June ...
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    by Published on 06-10-2009 10:54 AM

    The S is for speed and for more speed one needs some more power. T-Mobile Netherlands has posted specifications for the new iPhone 3G S processor revealing a 600 MHz chip inside.

    The new chip and more ram is how the iPhone 3G S is 50% faster than the iPhone 3G. For the iPhone 3G S Apple has bumped up processor speed from 400 MHz to 600 MHz and doubled the RAM going from 128 MB to 256 MB.

    While no more details ...
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    by Published on 06-10-2009 10:42 AM

    So we know that AT&T is going to be behind everyone else in allowing MMS and tethering once iPhone 3.0 firmware is released. The question is why. A BoyGenius report via one of their "AT&T Ninjas" fills in the supposed details.

    The reason AT&T is going to be slow on getting MMS provisioned for iPhones is laughable. To prevent MMS from working properly on iPhones AT&T ...
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    by Published on 06-10-2009 10:26 AM

    It really is going to happen this time around. Announced and demoed at WWDC by TomTom co-founder and CTO Peter-Frans Pauwels TomTom for iPhone will make its way to the AppStore shortly after firmware 3.0 goes public on June 17th!

    The application is advertised to work for both the iPhone 3S and the 3GS. The application of course is the TomTom ...
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    by Published on 06-08-2009 03:25 PM

    MacBooks (both Pro and standard) have seen all sorts of announcements today.

    The 15" MBP has been updated to have the same 7 hour/1000 charge built-in battery that the 17" was given at MacWorld previously this year. The 13" MacBook has been upgraded to now be a Pro unit, and will share the same high-capacity battery.

    Both the 13" and 15" MBP's will have an SD card slot ...
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    by Published on 06-08-2009 02:53 PM

    3.0 chatter has been going on a while now (and is already jailbroken and officially has Cydia ready and released for it, you faithful hackery types), and WWDC marked the official date announcement - June 17th (pf.edit, thanks guys - not the 19th). Developers were given out the gold master today - bye bye betas.

    We've already been over most of the 3.0 improvements, and Apple ...
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    by Published on 06-08-2009 02:35 PM

    photo courtesy: engadget

    Here's a cute little newly announced feature of 3.0 - Find My iPhone. Users who have the 3.0 firmware and MobileMe will be able to log in to MobileMe, see a map with their iPhone's physical location, and send a message to the iPhone instructing whoever has it to call a number.

    And you can use a Remote Wipe feature to erase all data on your ...
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    by Published on 06-08-2009 02:05 PM

    The last couple OS X updates have run $129, but 10.6, aka Snow Leopard, will be available in September at a cool $29 upgrade for Leopard users. Anyone who buys a Leopard machine between now and then can pick up Snow Leopard for free plus $10 shipping from Apple once its released.

    A list of the updates include:
    • Finder has been rewritten for faster