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    by Published on 03-12-2010 12:02 PM

    An eager iPad early adopter bought two iPads 30 minutes apart and noticed that the order number for the second one was 10000 higher than the first, prompting him to wonder if Apple really sold twenty thousand gizmos every hour this morning. As the mania surrounding Preorder Day subsides, a number of updates - including details about the 3G data plan - have emerged throughout the day.

    Apple announced ...
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    by Published on 03-12-2010 03:34 AM

    Could it be that the future of jailbreaking will be made so simple that we'll hardly remember the good old days of blood, sweat, and tears shed by many a jailbreaker?

    Although it's been discussed in the forums of ModMyi in the recent past, there's a lot of emergent talk and - surprisingly - some decent media coverage about the iDongle, a work-in-progress hardware solution designed not only to jailbreak iPhones, ...
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    by Published on 03-12-2010 02:58 AM

    Unless this is your first day visiting planet Earth, there's a good possibility that you're already quite familiar with what makes today's date - March 12th - quite significant in the Apple-fan and at-large tech community. Today marks the date that Apple's long awaited tablet computer known the world over as the iPad officially goes on sale for pre-order.

    Beginning at 5:30 a.m. (Cupertino, ...
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    by Published on 03-11-2010 12:57 PM

    AppleInsider is quoting "people with a proven track record in predicting Apple's technological advances" as saying that the next major release of the iPhone OS will support multitasking: the holy grail of many enthusiasts. The informants - who asked that the details remain secret as development on the new OS has "a way to go" - say there will be new "multi-tasking manager" software as part ...
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    by Published on 03-11-2010 09:02 AM

    A "tipster" has told ZDNet's Adrian Kingsley-Hughes that Tuesday March 16 is the day Apple will release a new Mac Pro model with Intel's new Core i7-980X Extreme Edition "Gulftown" processor. The report comes as Intel is giving developers a preview of the new chip at the Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco. Though the anonymous tip should be taken with the customary grain ...
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    by Published on 03-11-2010 12:18 AM

    Amazon, Dell, and Google are taking aim at iTunes in a joint venture that - all kidding aside - could seriously challenge iTune's digital preeminence like no competitor has until now. The hullabaloo started when pictures surfaced on the Internet of what appeared to be a Dell presentation revealing the Google Android-powered Dell Streak tablet. But here's the kicker. This handy-dandy device will come ...
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    by Published on 03-10-2010 11:18 PM

    For several months, we've covered worthwhile developments in the world of prospective solar-powered iPhone chargers. Incredible but true, a renewable, green resource may still prove the ultimate charging mechanism for our mobile gadgets like the iPhone and iPod. The unusual resource in question? A wad of cotton.

    Scientists are reporting the development of cotton threads capable of conducting ...
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    by Published on 03-10-2010 09:02 PM

    What's New:

    Upload contacts to a webserver securely for you to download as CSV file (microsoft excel, OpenOffice.org SpreadSheet).

    From the App Store to your Jailbroken iPhone, WiFiFoFum is on Cydia and Rock. WiFiFoFum scans for 802.11 wireless (WiFi) networks and displays information about each network it detects; including: SSID, MAC, RSSI (signal strength), channel, AP mode, security mode and available transmission rates.

    yFy Network Finder Lite ...
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    by Published on 03-10-2010 05:57 PM

    With the iPad nearing its long awaited launch but initially without 3G capability, Verizon is getting ready for what it sees as "an opportunity" to sell 3G contracts to new iPad users. A purported internal sales memo that was posted on Engadget today details Verizon's plan to sell its MiFi mobile hotspot product to iPad users. While the idea seems absurd on its face - Verizon's data plan costs far more than AT&T's ...
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    by Published on 03-10-2010 01:04 PM

    Apple is suing rival phone maker HTC - whose popular phones are helping drive the upswing in Android sales - in order to scare off other potential competitors, according to a financial analyst with ties to the mobile phone industry. Yair Reiner of Oppenheimer Research said in a report to his clients that his "industry checks" led him to the conclusion that the legal action is "meaningfully disrupting" manufacturers' ...
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    by Published on 03-10-2010 02:01 AM

    Apple may frown upon the fact that the iPhone is widely used as a primary handheld gaming device for scores of avid mobile gamers, but there's no denying the truth of the matter. The iPhone as a gaming platform has resonated with millions of video game fanatics. And at the annual Game Developers Conference taking place in San Francisco this week, its clear that the iPhone continues to take center stage ...
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    by Published on 03-10-2010 12:45 AM

    The forthcoming battle among competing tablets could very well boil down to one word: Flash.

    After Steve Jobs made it clear that the iPad doesn't need to support Adobe Flash to become the "game-changer," competitors looking to knock Apple off of its tablet perch are now using "Flash" as the buzzword to foreshadow the iPad killer. And Hewlett-Packard is making it clear to everyone that ...