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    by Published on 07-21-2010 02:48 PM

    All eyes in the jailbreak community were briefly directed this morning to Geohot's proxy Mike Cohenn on Twitter, who asked: "What's a good time to make it ra1n?" Despite initial expectations of an imminent jailbreak release, we're still waiting for any further info from the on-again-off-again "retired" Geohot and his back-channel messengers.

    Here's a sign of real JB progress... ...
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    by Published on 07-21-2010 01:23 PM

    As part of the Apple earnings conference call that Michael Essany reported on today, Apple COO Tim Cook noted the "amazing" demand for the iPad, which he also described as "incredible." Believe it or not, the iPad has not followed the expected early adopter curve, which sees enthusiasts, the often-derided "fanbois," first in line for a new product long before it gains popularity in the general market. ...
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    by Published on 07-21-2010 11:09 AM

    After the company's CEO denied any interest in the iPhone earlier this year, a China Telecom official is being quoted in the Wall Street Journal as saying "it would be good" if Apple came out with a CDMA iPhone. China Telecom, the country's largest WiFi provider with 30,000 hotspots, had previously expressed interest in carrying the iPad. If the company opens talks with Apple, it would mean ...
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    by Published on 07-21-2010 09:54 AM

    A very curious post on Twitter is leading some to believe that a jailbreak release is imminent from Geohot. If so, the move would come as quite a surprise given the great fanfare that recently surrounded Geohot's alleged and self-proclaimed "retirement" from the jailbreak community - a move that saw Geohot cancel his Twitter account, set his blog to private, and assign good friend ...
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    by Published on 07-21-2010 09:27 AM

    On more than one occasion, more than just a few MMi readers and contributors have speculated on our forums that Apple could very well be supporting intentional product shortages - that is, knowingly producing fewer iDevices than necessary to meet current demand and, therefore, drive demand even further.

    Well, if you missed it during all the hoopla surrounding the release ...
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    by Published on 07-20-2010 09:03 PM

    We received a tip from a reader this evening about an app that was certainly worth looking in to. Introducing "Handy Light," an app that made it to the Apple App Store even though it is actually a tethering app. Yes, for once there's actually a flashlight app worth getting excited about. But this application is merely disguised as a flashlight, while all along providing tethering capacity for your iPhone to easily ...
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    by Published on 07-20-2010 02:54 PM

    Apple may have even surprised Apple with the company's reported 3rd quarter revenue announced Tuesday after the close of trading on Wall Street. Blowing consensus estimates out of the water, Apple beat the street (which had forecast 3Q earnings of $14.75 billion) by posting earnings totaling $15.74 billion.

    From CNBC:

    Even Apple's guidance is worth noting with Q4 Revenue guidance at ...
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    by Published on 07-20-2010 11:12 AM

    In response to questions raised by two US House members, Ed Markey (D-MA) and Joe Barton (R-TX), Apple general counsel and senior vice president of legal and government affairs Bruce Sewell has written a 13-page letter explaining how the company uses geographic data collected from its mobile and desktop devices. In the midst of all the corporate-speak and assurances there are a few interesting details about what ...
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    by Published on 07-20-2010 09:32 AM

    This one may seem like a no-brainer, but Apple Insider today pointed yet again to a persistent rumor that has plagued the forthcoming arrival of iOS 4 for the iPad. It's a rumor-mill original that has been around since the operating system (and its name-change) were officially unveiled in late spring. The allegation maintains that Apple is not only considering, but planning to make iPad owners upgrade to the iPad ...
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    by Published on 07-20-2010 08:49 AM

    Late last night, registered iOS developers began receiving email notifications from Apple indicating a big change is coming this Thursday, July 22nd. According to the message, developers can no longer submit or even update their apps (those available in the Apple App Store) through iTunes Connect.

    Despite a longstanding preference by Apple to have devs submit and tweak ...
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    by Published on 07-19-2010 03:36 PM

    Apple just got FCC approval for a Bluetooth trackpad, and observers are wondering if it is the long-rumored "Magic Trackpad" wireless multi-touch device. Little can be gleaned about the gadget from the certification and test reports available on the FCC website, but a reference to a part number in a recently leaked picture suggests that it's one and the same as that purported prototype. Given ...
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    by Published on 07-19-2010 03:18 PM

    The new August 2010 issue of Wired magazine has people talking about the publication's article titled "#ATTFAIL Inside the iPhone Network Meltdown." The content provided portrays the long history of AT&T's partnership with Apple as a regularly strained tech-marriage of convenience.

    In the article, Apple CEO Steve Jobs is said to have come close to a breaking point on various occasions - heated moments where ...