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    by Published on 11-09-2010 11:18 AM


    Jay "saurik" Freeman, the creator of Cydia and Winterboard, gave a talk at an independent TED event in California on the fundamental philosophy behind jailbreaking. Given on Binary Day 10/10/10 at the inaugural TEDxAmericanRiviera in Santa Barbara, his talk compared jailbreakers with people who like to tinker with their cars.
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    Someone should check on Steve Jobs right away. He is obviously not acting like his usual self. In fact, Jobs - or someone else very high up at Apple - has either lost their mind completely or flip-flopped entirely on Apple's longstanding vice grip on TV commercials promoting Apple products. It's a reality that came to light this week as Verizon - yes, Verizon ...
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    There is rampant speculation that Apple has acquired yet another company. This time, the rumored purchase is of the firm Wi-Gear, the Bluetooth iOS headphone maker. The third-party maker of iPhone and iPod accessories has experienced a great deal of success with its line of products and, for this reason, Apple may be interested in tapping into its advanced accessories as iOS devices continue ...
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    Hasbro is working with Apple to develop a peripheral that allows 3D images to be viewable on an iPhone or iPod Touch. The My3D peripheral will allow users the ability to view content in 3D and offers them a unique 360-degree field of view. It resembles a pair of binoculars and has a slot for an iPhone or iPod Touch. Starting next spring, it will be available for $30 wherever Apple accessories ...
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    With iOS 4.2 set to drop as soon as this week, hopes are high for stability and performance improvements, especially on older hardware, and some tests of the iOS 4.2 golden master on the iPhone 3G are showing encouraging signs of improvement. TiPB ran through a comparison of iPhone 3.2 versus iOS 4.0 and iOS 4.2 in the video above, and ...
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    Without question, Apple continues to forge ahead with making its operating systems more versatile and capable of accommodating the burgeoning number of options, tools, and demands that scores of applications present, despite the well-known present scarcity of screen space available to similarly accommodate so many choices. Our friends at Patently Apple, however, have uncovered an interesting find that ...
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    Steve Jobs allegedly offered an explanation why the Xserve was discontinued: lack of demand. The French site MacGeneration claims that they have an email from Jobs saying that "hardly anyone was buying" the rackmountable server, which hadn't received a hardware update since the middle of last year and is hasn't featured with the rest of the Mac lineup on the Apple website in months. January ...
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    In a move that will make it easier for Apple fans to replace the solid state drive in their MacBook Air (should the need to do so arise), Toshiba has formally unveiled plans to push its Blade X-gale SSD series - that which is contained within the new MacBook Air - to the public via mass market availability. When will it be available? According to Toshiba, right away.

    We should ...
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    At Adobe’s recent MAX conference, Chief Technology Officer Kevin Lynch demonstrated new ways the company is working to integrate touch-screen devices with Photoshop. Adobe wants to integrate tablet devices like the iPad into Photoshop and currently has designers working to create mock-ups of possible ways to do this. Some of these mock-ups show Photoshop tool palettes running on an iPad and tutorials to help users get things done more quickly. "What ...
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    If you depend on a recurring alarm to wake you up tomorrow, you should change it to a one-time alarm. That's Apple's advice to US users of iOS 4.1 who may fall victim to the bug in the Clock app. According to Apple, recurring alarms will work correctly if you set them tomorrow.

    This is the same bug that woke up European users an hour late last week, and Southern Hemisphere users ...
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    A new service allows you to watch network TV on your iPhone or iPad, free... at least for now. FilmOn.com offers live HD television in the US complete with commercials in what the company says is a free month-long trial. They claim that this service is "100% legal, but that didn't stop a lawsuit from a group of broadcasters. So grab it while you can: the site may not be up for long.
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    Apple has already shot an ad for the second-generation iPad, according to a report that's making the rounds today. However, according a person who claims to have been there, the device that people were holding in the shoot was the current model. The new iPad, the source says, will be added in post-production. The timing of the ads - just seven months after the original iPad went on sale - suggests ...