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  • Forbes Profiles Evasi0n's Impact on Jailbreaking

    Everyone is talking about Evasi0n, including Forbes, the venerable business and financial publication that can't ignore how Apple has been "hit with the largest mass-hacking incident in its history."

    Forbes' writer Andy Greenberg is referring, naturally, to Evasi0n, which has now been used by close to seven million iDevice owners since the eagerly-anticipated tool was finally released. Central to the Forbes piece is Jay Freeman, who reports that Cydia has already been visited by 5.15 million iPhones, 1.35 million iPads, and 400,000 iPod touches jailbroken with evasi0n.

    Freeman tells Forbes that one of the paramount reasons for the historic surge in jailbreaking this week (apart from the fact that more iDevices are now in circulation than at any other time in history) is the pent-up anticipation that preceded Evasi0n's arrival.

    As Freeman explained, 136 days is the time it took to crack iOS 6.1. When you consider the 98-day wait for the iPhone 4S, 38-day wait for the iPhone 4, and a meager 14-days for the iPhone 3GS, it becomes crystal clear why Apple users rushed to Evasi0n when the moment of truth finally came.

    “That’s what made this such a landmark jailbreak,” Freeman explains. “It had been so long and we were all so hungry for it.” Fortunately, he adds, the next jailbreak probably won't take so long. There's nearly another full jailbreak worth of research already in the hopper and being kept in reserve for the next iPhone.

    Source: Forbes
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    1. Dgow452's Avatar
      Dgow452 -

      What he said😄😄
    1. keenpois0n's Avatar
      keenpois0n -
      I've spent over $170 in the Cydia store! :/ it really adds up on you
    1. Tweetix's Avatar
      Tweetix -
      It was indeed well worth my $10 also... Best $10 I've ever spent... Awesome job to the evasi0n team.
    1. jwil736's Avatar
      jwil736 -
      Donated $5. These guys Definetly banked on this one. I can guarantee each left with a min. Hundred thousand each.
    1. bluehaze's Avatar
      bluehaze -
      I don't mind if they banked. They could have charged for their services and made much more. They also could have banked If apple paid them for their knowledges such as Microsoft and norton does to hackers to keep their systems secure. I will happily donate to a group that doesn't even put a price on their services. Thanks to the jailbreak team, I can be unique and original in a room full of people trying to maintain a social status by having apple everything.