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  • Mailbox Released for iOS, Sort of...

    The anticipated Mailbox e-mail client for iOS has been launched in the App Store Thursday. Mailbox will support G-mail for the time being, and gain support for other e-mail clients in the future.

    Because the registration for Mailbox is being performed via reservation, users will need to reserve their place to start using the new client. There are over 400,000 people waiting in line currently for Mailbox. The reservation system allows the creators of mailbox to obtain the server hardware required to support the client. People who have already reserved their Mailbox can sign in with their reservation details that they were asked to save, and see their place in line.

    Mailbox has been designed to be light and fast, and will support push notifications. The user interface is also great-looking. Users will be able to swipe e-mail messages to delete messages, and even snooze e-mails for later with the tap of a button. The snooze feature allows you to read what is important 'now' and what's not important 'later.'

    The Mailbox client is free and can be downloaded from this link.

    Sources: App Store
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      Got mine liking it wish I had more emails with gmail. But since Dropbox bought them out should be rolling soon with more clients