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  • iPad Gripping the Globe Friday... Again

    Apple fever - perhaps, more specifically, iPad fever - is gripping the globe this weekend as Friday brought with it the release of Apple's popular tablet in a number of new markets, one of which is the largest population in the world.

    Despite reports of inclement weather, long lines were common throughout China early Friday morning, as the Wi-Fi iPad hit Apple Stores and select authorized retailers for the first time. In addition, China Unicom initiated a pre-order program for the iPhone 4 on Friday morning. Just as "Apple-mania" has been seen elsewhere in foreign lands for the launch of a new Apple product, the scene was very much a familiar one today in China.

    But China wasn't alone. The dawn of September 17th also brought the arrival of the iPad in five new Latin American countries, including Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. All models of the iPad are available in those locations and will be distributed by Apple authorized resellers. Yet, just as the iPad's growth abroad continues, the tablet's expansion is far from muted back in the US.

    In addition to news that the iPad will soon (as in September 26th) be carried in all of Best Buy's 1,093 U.S. stores, there are rumors suggesting that both Target and Walmart will also stock the iPad before the holiday shopping season begins in full.

    Sydney Morning Herald
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    1. tremerone's Avatar
      tremerone -
      no comment.
    1. NessLookAlike's Avatar
      NessLookAlike -
      Yeah, yeah, China, iPads, cool, etc, now where's that jailbreak for iPad 4.2 Beta? ;o
    1. dagoat1979's Avatar
      dagoat1979 -
      though the ipad & other apple products are available readily after launch in most countries, here in india we have to wait for a ridiculous amount of time to get them (atleast through apple authorised shops). the iphone 3gs was made available almost an year after its international launch & iphone 4/ipad is not yet available through the authorised channels. its a little disappointing that due to the lack of focus that apple has for the second largest market in the world, the end consumer has to resort to buying their products either when they travel to other countries or from illegal grey markets at a humongous mark-up!!!
    1. unison999's Avatar
      unison999 -
      I expect overall lukewarm reception on those places.
      I am sure first day sale is going to be great, simply because people want to be first. But it will die down quite quickly. The MiPad or what ever other copies of iPad will have more sales than the real iPad in China.
      All the places the original post states are countries where average citizen can not afford such a device, catering to the rich the sales number will die down fairly quickly.
    1. kraziebone's Avatar
      kraziebone -
      Quote Originally Posted by NessLookAlike View Post
      Yeah, yeah, China, iPads, cool, etc, now where's that jailbreak for iPad 4.2 Beta? ;o
      Not coming. That's why they call it a beta. They don't want to waste the scarse exploits they find on beta software