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  • AppCent, ColorClock, and Maximization Re-Released With iOS 6.1 Support

    As we continue to offer coverage on jailbreak tweaks as they are updated for iOS 6 (we showed you Phoenix3200's tweak updates earlier), we take a look today at three of Rudolf Lichtnerís jailbreak tweaks, which have been re-released in Cydia Wednesday afternoon with full support for iOS 6.1. All three jailbreak tweaks are free, so feel try to try them out at your leisure!

    1. Maximization

    Maximization is a tweak that allows you to force applications to run in full-screen mode. This mode will eliminate the status bar and dedicate all of your displayís pixels to showing the interface of the application youíre in. For those of you that still want to see the status bar, you can open Notification Center while in any full-screen application periodically to check on your signal strength, battery life, and time. You'll find Maximization for free in the ModMyi repository.

    2. ColorClock

    ColorClock allows you to style the clock and date on your lock screen with any color hue that you want. You can configure them both to have the same color, or for them both to have separate colors. You can adjust the colors from the preference pane, using the RGB sliders that are provided to you. ColorClock is a nice way to add some customization to your lock screen that no other stock iPhone has. You'll find ColorClock for free in the ModMyi repository.

    3. AppCent

    AppCent will display the percent progress of an application download where the name of the application would usually be as the application downloads and installs on your iOS device. When the application finishes downloading and installing, the application name will appear normally. The percentage takes into account both the downloading and the installation, not just the downloading, so it actually mirrors what you see from the download indicator. Itís not very helpful, but itís a neat little modification if you like the extra information. You'll find AppCent for free in the ModMyi repository.

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    1. Wmdoughty's Avatar
      Wmdoughty -
      Yeah. I tried iconoclasm (for all those who responded) and it sent my phone into a frenzy. Think I will wait for the ever faithful gridlock!! Also wanting the Siri Ui Sounds updated... Looking for a good Dreamboard theme if anyone has a good idea

      And Lockinfo!!?
    1. malikhussain's Avatar
      malikhussain -
      can anybody tell me a nice ipod notification center control tweak with volume control?