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  • LockInfo 5 is Just $3.99 for the Next Two Days!

    Since the untethered jailbreak for iOS 6, called evasi0n, is just on the horizon of being released this Monday afternoon, the developer of the brand new LockInfo 5 jailbreak tweak has started a sale. If you’ve been trying to pick between LockInfo 5 and IntelliScreenX 6, this new price sure is a deal-breaker – $3.99 (was $7.99) and you can even take advantage of a free trial!

    LockInfo 5 has been re-written for iOS 6 and lets you have more control over your notifications from your lock screen; you can also filter between applications on your lock screen so you can see notifications from specific applications on demand. LockInfo 5 also lets you add notification center widgets to your lock screen, although it comes with a few native widgets such as a Twitter widget, weather widget, and favorite contacts widget on top of the stock Notification Center widgets.

    LockInfo 5 also comes with an RSS feed option where you can subscribe to your favorite news sites. You can then configure notifications for your RSS feeds, as RSS is built right into Notification Center. You can enable and disable notifications for these at any time, and you can even have the RSS Feeds appear on your lock screen from LockInfo 5.

    LockInfo 5 comes with a ton of settings to configure, so you’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth at this new sale price! Existing LockInfo owners can upgrade to LockInfo 5 for free for life.
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    1. Techsticles's Avatar
      Techsticles -
      I know this version is the natural progression if Notification Center but I like LockInfo 4 better. Does it work with iOS 6?
    1. King_O_Hill's Avatar
      King_O_Hill -
    1. dmbsituation's Avatar
      dmbsituation -
      This tweak was the only reason for me to jailbreak - it used to make getting info from my phone much easier. I could read a full email and delete them all from my lockscreen with just a couple of taps. Nice and simple. It's evolved into something that is apple-esque... unfortunately.

      With Intelliscreen X causing my phone to boot loop, I've got no compelling reason to jailbreak my phone. I suppose I'll restore it and then re-jailbreak so I don't get stuck without a JB phone when 6.1.1 drops. The restore should get rid of any damage done by either tweak. Definitely a let-down.
    1. occollegeboi's Avatar
      occollegeboi -
      I just installed a trial version of lockinfo 5. I am on 6.1.2 ios. I like to have the days and times that I work on my lock screen. I used to use "lock calendar" when I was on ios 5.xx.

      All it's showing is the date and the event, and I need it to show the day of the week as well such as monday, tuesday, wednesday, etc etc. How do I configure it so that it shows the day of the week as well.

      My current lockinfo thing is shown, as you can see, it doesn't show the days of the week.
    1. bcwyatt's Avatar
      bcwyatt -
      how can i change font color on Lockinfo.. i try 'Lockino Color Pack" in cydia... nothing change ( it prolly outdate since 6.0 change files. ) i would like to change white text to black text..bec my wallpaper for locksceen has mostly white...can't read it.