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  • The evasi0n Web Site Now Displaying 80% Complete, Private Testing for All Tools

    The evasi0n iOS 6 jailbreak is coming along slowly, but surely. This morning, the Web site was updated saying that the tool was about 75% complete and that private testing began, however the Linux tool wasn’t completed yet.

    Now, the evasi0n Web site displays that the tool is about 80% done, and also shows that the jailbreak is in private testing for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux included. This indicates that the Linux tool has indeed been finished and that the private testing of the jailbreak can be pushed into high gear for all three versions of the tool.

    The private testing is assumed to be only between the hackers themselves, as to keep the jailbreak from being leaked early. After the private testing is finished, a broader scope of testing that the Web site calls “extended testing” can begin.

    As the jailbreak for iOS 6 continues to come closer and closer to completion, the rumored release date of this Super Bowl Sunday for the jailbreak seems likely. In preparation for the iOS 6 jailbreak release, we’ve posted an optional and short guide on how to prepare your iOS device(s) for the jailbreak. We’ve also put together a list of great jailbreak tweaks that are compatible with iOS 6.

    Developers are frantically working to update their jailbreak applications and tweaks for iOS 6 compatibility, so if you’re still on iOS 5.1.1 for the sake of jailbreak tweak compatibility, we recommend you update, as tweaks will be updated in due time.

    Fingers crossed... are you excited for the iOS 6 jailbreak called evasi0n?
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