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  • Some Cydia Packages Incompatible with iOS 4.3.1

    [UPDATE: Backgrounder and Infinidock (which had been giving some but not all users problems) have both been updated and now seem to be working OK under 4.3.1]

    Following the release of PwnageTool and redsn0w for iOS 4.3.1, users are noticing that a number of popular apps and tweaks aren't working properly. The list is short but growing, and anyone who relies on packages like Backgrounder or ActionMenu should probably consider holding off until updates are released.

    The following are currently being reported as incompatible with iOS 4.3.1:
    • Backgrounder
    • Shrink
    • Action Menu
    • DisplayRecorder

    Celeste is also being claimed to be incompatible, but it appears that it's actually the ActionMenu incompatibility that's causing the problems with that app.

    There are a number of other sporadic reports that AppBackup and 5-Row Keyboard aren't working, but we haven't heard any widespread complaints about those particular apps yet.

    If you've got an app or tweak that's not working under 4.3.1, please post it in comments and we'll try to come up with a complete, verified incompatibility list.

    Sources: iSpazio, iPhoneDownloadBlog, AVForums
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    1. PeterL's Avatar
      PeterL -
      I'm having a small issue with winterboard, I can't seem to get the slide to unlock background to change, using the exact same theme as when I was on 4.2.1, but doesnt work on 4.3.1 but the rest of the custom theme is spot on. Very strange... also my theme has disappeared totally once or twice and i've had to respring to get it back
    1. Bluto's Avatar
      Bluto -
      Used to apply "clearme" to take out the slider in lockscreen. However, it is confirmed that it doesn't work anymore under iOS 4.3.1.

      Is there any theme that is compatible with iOS 4.3.1 and is able to take out the slider in lockscreen ?

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    1. Just Dummy's Avatar
      Just Dummy -
      Quote Originally Posted by Bluto View Post
      Used to apply "clearme" to take out the slider in lockscreen. However, it is confirmed that it doesn't work anymore under iOS 4.3.1.

      Is there any theme that is compatible with iOS 4.3.1 and is able to take out the slider in lockscreen ?

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      I use Transparent Slider Background from Cydia. Nothing else worked for me.
    1. Antman217's Avatar
      Antman217 -
      AppBackup isn't working because of one of it's dependencies. The author said this on his website:

      "There is a known problem with AppBackup crashing on iOS 4.3.1.* It seems to be that a third-party library (PyObjC) which my program relies on needs to be updated to work with 4.3.1 (probably due to the addition of address space layout randomization).* I already know about it, and I am looking into it.* Thank you for your patience."

      I think that might take a while to fix. I'm also waiting for infinidock. Other than those two, which I don't necessarily need, I'm doing fine on 4.3.1.
    1. PeterL's Avatar
      PeterL -
      Quote Originally Posted by LUFT5_THOR View Post
      I use Transparent Slider Bar from Cydia. Nothing else worked for me.
      Thanks, I tried transparent slider background for 4.3 and it works a charm
    1. Turb02's Avatar
      Turb02 -
      Animate doesnt work...
    1. GenesisDH's Avatar
      GenesisDH -
      Quote Originally Posted by efi2nr View Post
      I love people talk out their ***** with no real clue. MobileSubstrate wasn't updated to work with 4.3 until Sun night and the fakeBreak was missing patches to allow Devs to propperly update their apps/tweaks. If they would have done it your way you'd just be b1tching about the updates not being totally right.
      Quote Originally Posted by reznor9 View Post
      What happens is that when these "early" non-dev team jailbreaks are released they often don't have the proper kernel patches and mobile substrate upgrades required for devs to properly update their apps for the said firmware. Saurik barely released a 4.3 compatible MS yesterday I believe. So don't hate on the devs for not upgrading their apps when all those unofficial tethered solutions arrived.
      the MS update has been available since late February. Look at apt.saurik.com on a web browser and you can see that the 4.3.x version of MS was on the repo and was last 'updated' in February.

      In fact, google 4.3 substrate between last week and a month ago an you'll find at least one post (including a macRumors forums post) saying that Saurik was only waiting for an official JB tool to release it with.

      In fact, the MS version used (+6g....) is the same version used by the beta SB 'with ultrasnow fixer' for 4.3 and 4.3.1 and the official PT, SB and RS releases.
    1. Om3r's Avatar
      Om3r -
      Rotation Inhibitor
      Not working on 4.3.1
    1. quaternio's Avatar
      quaternio -
      The following cydia paid apps are working fine for me on iPhone 4 with 4.3.1:

      PkgBackup (restored everything perfectly on JB'n 4.3.1, including multi-layered folders)

      And to reiterate, Backgrounder does not work for me either.
    1. interestingkid's Avatar
      interestingkid -
      Quote Originally Posted by pickeledpeter View Post
      Mywi 4.0 makes me crash into safe mode every time
      Mywi works perfect on mine
    1. Cer0's Avatar
      Cer0 -
      Quote Originally Posted by dscottjr81 View Post
      Havent been able to get ******* to work at all. Which repo did you get it from?
      There is no help for getting piracy apps to work. Anyone helping will receive infractions
    1. Akanaz's Avatar
      Akanaz -
      even some themes don't work properly
    1. Cer0's Avatar
      Cer0 -
      Weathericon doesn't work.

      Lockscreens need redone on themes. But E is for Ezra theme works other than lock screen.

      And some status bar apps don't work or partially work.
    1. LoganKal's Avatar
      LoganKal -
      Quote Originally Posted by Jahooba View Post
      Makitmine doesn't make it mine
      makeitmine has not been working for a while. i updated to 4.2.1 and it did not work.. i use fakeoperator now. changes the carrier but not the clock close enough i guess.
    1. Xanders's Avatar
      Xanders -
      I'm having no problems with the latest release of Backgrounder, 1.0.4-1, now that the max OS level restriction has been removed. I'm just waiting for Music Controls Pro now, but that shouldn't take too long as phoenix3200 is usually pretty good with the updates.
    1. xjb2003x's Avatar
      xjb2003x -
      You can get FakeOperator. That will function the same as MIM
    1. iPittsburgh's Avatar
      iPittsburgh -
      Does anyone know if ultrasn0w 1.2 works on 4.3.1? I preserved 1.59.00bb.
    1. dtox2008's Avatar
      dtox2008 -
      [QUOTE=KartRacer;5945173]YourTube 2 doesn't work because the developer can't bother to write an app that works worth a damn. It isn't 4.3.1's fault or anything else except the developer. They have a history of making and selling an app and abandoning it completely. I don't advocate piracy but I'd do it just to piss off that dev. His support is nonexistent and his apps are worthless. I've not had YourTube 2 work for more than about 10 total downloads before it quit working properly all 3 times it's been updated. Worthless app, worthless dev.

      Thanks for that....
      annoying isnt it.. it was working fine on 4.2.1
      I just like having youtube videos saved on the videos section thanks though

      I had this error today...

      bitesms didnt wanna work so i uninstalled it worked fine normall messaging for about 4 hours then that frooze so I installed bitesms and it seems to work now... really weird.. might need to restore and jailbreak
    1. Bluto's Avatar
      Bluto -
      Quote Originally Posted by LUFT5_THOR View Post
      I use Transparent Slider Background from Cydia. Nothing else worked for me.

      Thanks. But I find "transparent slider theme" and "transparent slider theme iOS 4.3.1" in cydia. Which one u are referring to?
    1. keenpois0n's Avatar
      keenpois0n -
      everything has been working fine for me; no problems so far, except, when I was reinstalling everything trough cydia, I was 'continue queuing' alot, and after downloading 20+ packages one got the error 'posix time out' so cydia didn't unpack any of the other 19 packages :/. I don't know if it's 4.3.1 or cydia loving me there but it's driving me insane happened more than once too