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  • Laurene Powell Jobs Steps Forward to Back 'DREAM Act'

    Despite being every bit as private and elusive as her late husband Steve Jobs, Laurene Powell Jobs has come forward to promote her new website, which advocates the "Dream Act" for immigration reform in the United States.

    Powell Jobs told Yahoo News the new project was an effort to harness the momentum around the issue and give visibility to the young people who would benefit from the Dream Act.
    “There needed to be a demystification—to put a face to these people, to hear the individual stories,” she said in a rare interview - one of the only interviews she has granted since her husband's passing in October 2011.

    The DREAM (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) Act is a legislative proposal first introduced in the U.S. Senate in 2001. The bill would provide conditional permanent residency to certain undocumented residents of "good moral character."

    Despite coming close to passage on more than one occasion, the bill has never been enacted.

    Powell Jobs reveals that her passion for the Dream Act dates back to College Track, an initiative she founded to help low-income and minority students attend college. "They’re our children’s friends. They are people we know. This is a huge national problem that needs resolution,” she said.

    Source: Yahoo
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    1. subywrex's Avatar
      subywrex -
      Quote Originally Posted by micaiah12 View Post
      Mexicans take away jobs that the Americans should be getting. Therefore ruins the economy!
      Disagree. Mexicans typically do the jobs Americans won't for the wage they do it. I'd hate to see how much produce would cost if only American citizens could work in the fields.

      Quote Originally Posted by *T* View Post
      saying "no Mexicans" is racist? Mexican isn't a race anyway.

      In response to
      "show the employers that you deserved that job more"

      Mexicans should be allowed in because Americans are allowed to use their time to discuss ideas freely on forums? And we should work harder, like slaves in some Chinese sweatshop, so we can prove tht we deserve the jobs more than Mexicans?
      You are just a racist. Plane and simple. Also quite ignorant too.
    1. regkilla's Avatar
      regkilla -
      Quote Originally Posted by ilovewindows&iphone View Post
      really t? Your material has really been getting quite lazy as of late!

      No one pay any attention to this guy...this is what he does. He thinks he's the "shock jock" of mmi... And while he is incredibly annoying, he and his comments are completely unoriginal and unintelligent. The best thing to do is to try and ignore him, and feel sorry for a guy who comes to a forum for the sole purpose of trying to piss people off...it's quite depressing if you think about it.

      He "works harder" than anyone here at being annoying and/or offensive, yet he still doesn't have a job in this field...maybe a mexican willing to "work harder" stole it from him! "they took errr jyybbbss!!" lol some of you really do sound like your straight outta south park!
    1. subywrex's Avatar
      subywrex -
      Quote Originally Posted by *T* View Post
      Mexicans have no skills! They are stupid, uneducated leeches that "work harder" because they are the only ones desperate/dumb enough to mow lawns for 10 hours.
      Wow. Someone should ban this dumb ***!!! It's people like you that disgust me. Thank you for showing true colors. Now everyone knows what a racist POS you are

      Quote Originally Posted by bigred503 View Post
      Haha so it's okay for people here ILLEGALLY to use services that I pay my tax dollars towards? No thanks I'll pass. They're called illegal aliens for a reason. Just cause they have a kid here doesn't give them any rights.
      Please enlighten us all with you vast knowledge on why its called "illegal alien" for a reason?

      Do you even know the difference between an illegal alien and an illegal immigrant?

      And what about that kid? Does that child have no right here? A child can't chose where its born, does that make a child of an illegal scum on this earth as you obviously feel about it?

      What about all of the Americans who abuse you tax dollars way more than illegal immigrants do? Guess that's ok huh?

      Think a mod should close this thread.
    1. jOnGarrett's Avatar
      jOnGarrett -
      Quote Originally Posted by bigred503 View Post
      Nooo more Mexicans! Why should illegals with "good moral standards" be allowed to stay. Who decides they have good morals? What jobs will they be taking when there aren't any in the first place? I hope to god this doesn't pass.
      I wonder if the Natives of North America felt the same way and are they still waiting for all us "immigrants" to go back where we came from?

      Quote Originally Posted by micaiah12 View Post
      Mexicans take away jobs that the Americans should be getting. Therefore ruins the economy!
      and what about those jobs that American corporations send over seas, companies like apple who build their products in China for cheap then make a fortune selling them to you and me?

      Quote Originally Posted by jwon93 View Post
      Mexicans work harder than Americans, point blank period. The minority of the U.S. 30 years ago has become the majority.
      Americans claim they are smarter, faster and stronger physically and mentally just because of their skin color, by being white; but, reality is they take everything they have for granted until a person of different ethnicity comes around climbing the corporate ladder.

      Plus the "White Man" has been screwing this country financially for 2 centuries already, who are you to say mexicans ruin the Economy?

      Mexicans work hard, Not harder because they have to. they're here illegally which means they get the **** jobs that you or I would never take. in addition, they also get welfare benefits to supplement their incomes--something you and I cannot get.

      Its true that the "White Man" has been......" but the "Brown Man" should stay and BUILD up his own country, not come here and steal from this one.

      Quote Originally Posted by *T* View Post
      Mexicans have no skills! They are stupid, uneducated leeches that "work harder" because they are the only ones desperate/dumb enough to mow lawns for 10 hours.
      Not true, here in NYC you CANNOT get a job in a restaurant unless you're Mexican. in Construction, the only white man in the crew is the owner or boss--all the workers are Mexicans--earning $30+ dollars an hour !!

      Its foolish and unwise to think that Mexicans are only here picking crops and mowing lawns. they have real jobs, jobs that you and I DO WANT !!

      I went into a McDonald's in New Jersey once. there were 2 lines, one long and one short so naturally I get on the short line. as I step up to place my order, the girl behind the counter tells me that the line I'm on is for Spanish speakers and told me I have to wait on the other line--I turn and look at the other line of about 12 people, blacks and whites waiting to place their order !!!!!!!!!
    1. docmagoo2's Avatar
      docmagoo2 -
      Wow. Great thread guys. Racism and xenophobia all in one thread. This is a apple tech forum. Use it as such and knock the white v non-white on the head. And dont forget there are racists on all sides, just people who like to hate. My tuppence (2¢) worth is if someone can show their worth and bring skills then why shouldn't they live where they like? Only other stipulate should be is they speak the national language to a reasonable proficiency. And that's just common sense
    1. rockyseay's Avatar
      rockyseay -
      There is nothing wrong with immigrants here people but there has to be a path to citizenship. And NO ONE should receive benefits here unless they are paying taxes. I cry when I see my poor little pay check so everyone illegal or legal should too. And one more thing, if I hear another person say that they are taking over our country I'm going to snap. This is not Caucasians country! Hell I sure do remember a group of people being here first and you guys brutally whipping them off their land. So America is for EVERYONE as long as they pay their share of taxes.
    1. Parana6's Avatar
      Parana6 -
      I am wondering why nobody has yet talked about Americans outsourcing many American jobs to others countries. This is the reason why our jobs is fading . What is America manufacturing? Where is our money going when you buy something made in another country. I was an immigrant myself and had all my taxes paid every year for ten years, every winter they sent me home, was I allowed to apply for unemployment? No. Was I allowed to collect social security? No. Where is the money that I had taken out my paycheck every week? Open your eyes people. Get out and look what " career" politicians are doing with America.
    1. Papiriqui's Avatar
      Papiriqui -
      I have to agree!!! They work harder then most so why not take the jobs!! They are hard workers, but like everything you have people from all over including Americans who are hard workers and some who arent. Those who want to work and better their life and those of their relatives, let them, anyways they help this economy as well as everyone else and they deserve the same as every other person in this country!!!!