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  • Will iOS-Based iTV Really "Change Everything?"

    Kevin Rose, founder of Digg, claims in a new blog post that the still-rumored iTV set top box will revolutionize the way people watch TV. As he put it, the next generation Apple TV will “change everything.” Basing his information on what he claims are sources inside Apple, Rose described the device, saying it will be launched next month and will sell for $99.

    Echoing reports from other supposed leaks, the blog post predicts "a la carte" TV stations, created by content producers like ABC and NBC as apps. Rose sees a marketplace emerging for these apps alongside video sharing apps and games. Using Apple's iAds rather than regular commercial breaks, Rose says this "will eventually destroy the television side of the cable and satellite industry, as your only requirement to access these on-demand stations will be an internet connection." So your broadband service would, in his view, replace your cable subscription and allow you to "say goodbye to your monthly cable bill."

    He also sees opportunities for picture and video sharing using the iTV, noting that "at $99 your parents, grandparents, and friends will have one of the set top boxes." With one-click picture and video sharing from an iOS device, Rose hypothesizes features like "notification of new family videos the next time you turn on your TV," saying that his "mom will love this feature."

    Rose claims that the iPad "will be the preferred input device for the iTV," calling it "a big, [bad] remote control." Though the idea of a $499 (or more) remote for a $99 set top box may be a little hard to swallow, Rose imagines features like "editing videos, control[ling] games," as well as other innovative interactive TV functionality such as "watching monday night football on the TV while viewing/exploring other camera angles on the iPad." This leaves open the question of how to use a touch OS on a TV screen: unless Apple is really going to require an iOS device to operate it, you'd need a laser pointer or something similar.

    The iTV will supposedly be based in the same hardware found on the iPhone 4, with an A4 CPU and 16GB of flash. All content would be streamed as the device will not have local storage. Rose says the device is expected to be introduced in mid-September "and be priced around $99."

    Source: TiPB
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    1. Aliquippakid's Avatar
      Aliquippakid -
      Dev team is so slow where is the itv jailbreak geeeez. I mean I just read this article 45 secs ago and it only 30 odd days away is a simple itv jailbreak to much to ask for? Geeeez
    1. stlcaddie's Avatar
      stlcaddie -
      Sooooooo, how can we Mod this...... I'm just saying. LOL
    1. babyblue_pimp's Avatar
      babyblue_pimp -
      Quote Originally Posted by SoCal Railroader View Post
      Radio will kill Newspapers and Magazines-didn't happen.
      TV will kill Movie Theatre's-didn't happen.
      VCR's will kill Movie Theatre's-didn't happen.
      DVD's will kill Movie Theatre's-didn't happen
      The Internet will kill Satellite, Cable, VCR's, DVD's, Blu-Ray and Movie Theatre'-didn't happen.
      Apple TV will kill Cable and Satellite-WON'T happen.

      These guys live in another world, seriously.
      Personal tv was never ment to replace movie theaters, it's completely different

      DVD will kill VCR, it happened
      Internet will kill newspapers and magazines, it has happened
      Streaming movies will kill DVD sales, it has happened
      Online music will kill cd's, it has happened

      Sure it may take a few years, but things always evolve.
    1. Shishir G's Avatar
      Shishir G -
      Whats the catch guys?
      Seriously, all their going to do is SELL the product for 99 dollars, then make the app store extremely expensive so everytime you buy a network example: You want Time Warner Cable, they make the app for TWC like 800 dollars, so you NEVER have to pay again. YIPPIE!?!?!?! ?$%?@ $%
      **** NO.

    1. jacobthejokester's Avatar
      jacobthejokester -
      Frak that I'm not getting one, they won't have any porn D:
    1. JacquesChirac's Avatar
      JacquesChirac -
      yes. people will start walking backwards, objects will fall upward, and the sun will set in the east.
    1. whereswaldo's Avatar
      whereswaldo -
      Its apple, do you expect them to say : the device that you probably will never buy?
    1. jOnGarrett's Avatar
      jOnGarrett -
      why would anybody want Apple TV? I mean really, the way Apple wants to control what we do with our phones.

      I can see the usual Apple Anti-Competitive behavior coming into play. App-Programs for television have to be approved by them., your blu-ray DVDs wont work and your brand new 108" 1080p Flat Screen will have compatibility issues.
    1. rocky5's Avatar
      rocky5 -
      I don't want an iPod touch in a coffin, if it's iOS based then the hardware will be the same as an iPhone / iPod.

      Also here in the uk cable companies will be fine, to use this device I would still need Internet, this is supplied by the cable company.

      Also if this device is $99 that would mean £64 here in the uk but that won't happen will be £200+ as apple take the piss here .
    1. awesomeSlayer's Avatar
      awesomeSlayer -
      Perhaps. Perhaps not. If Apple puts magic into the "i", then I might...
    1. unison999's Avatar
      unison999 -
      Yeah... They still need fast internet service, DSL will not work with this thing. Cable internet service? fiber optics? They are all controlled by these company iTV trying to replace. Good luck with that, wouldn't be surprised they block the site iTV requires... Unless Apple wants to replace internet service as well.
    1. hnic247's Avatar
      hnic247 -
      I jus might get one if they're 100..I want my iTunes library videos on my tv I'm tired of burning DVDs..better yet give me resupported ios4 and I'm good
    1. LastSonOfKrypton's Avatar
      LastSonOfKrypton -
      Popcorn Hour > AppleTV. If they really want an AppleTV to take off, just turn it into a real NMT. Give the WDTV Live a run for it's money.

      FYI, the setup in that pic sucks! If I had a wall like that, F the TV, PROJECTOR and 110" screen!
    1. JedixJarf's Avatar
      JedixJarf -
      Sure hope not, I really like my 1080p MKV's
    1. bluesummer's Avatar
      bluesummer -
      if it has family guy and speed channel or some ways so I can watch all the motor sport racing event, I am game
    1. MetallicaFan1991's Avatar
      MetallicaFan1991 -
      iTV will be a fail like AppleTV.
    1. Amadomon's Avatar
      Amadomon -
      Um, you can't? You're just not trying hard enough.

      Sorry, responding to the comment that you can't get porn on an idevice.
    1. Bluprint's Avatar
      Bluprint -
      Yawn isn't google doing something similar. I want my tv free like used to be
    1. sharp2G's Avatar
      sharp2G -
      wait I don't get it ... will iTV support flash based content? does it have connection issues?


      Solution: Switch to Android!
    1. sandstorm77's Avatar
      sandstorm77 -
      You know what this will cause? Say goodbye to our unlimited broadband connections! As the cable compy looses its tv subscribers it will compensate its loss buy charging us more for broadband. **** you apple! Thanks for ruining everything assholes.