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  • Apple Poised to Leave Today's 'Smart TVs' Looking Pretty Stupid

    This week in Las Vegas, the tech giants at CES 2013 have been vying to impress the masses with its new line of so-called smart TVs.

    As MMi covered in depth on Tuesday, Samsung is busy showing off everything from a 55-inch OLED TV with Multi-View features to Evolution Kits that promise to keep TVs up to date and as "smart" as a hunk of equipment can possibly be.

    But is everyone really that impressed by what they've seen at CES this year? Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets isn't. He says the "smart TVs" at CES "really aren't that smart." Not surprisingly, White has bigger hopes for Apple's smart TV plans.

    In particular, White points out how Samsung appears to have blatantly ripped off the Siri logo with the creation of Samsung's "S-Recommendation" voice control technology. "Needless to say," White says, "we were less than impressed with Samsung's smart TV user interface and capabilities at the show."

    After attending CES this year, White concluded that it has now been left to Apple to truly reinvent the HDTV experience.

    Source: Wall Street Cheat Sheet
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      GmAz -
      Ya, its going to be iOS on a TV. AMAZING (in crazy guy voice). Seriously, late to the party on this one.