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  • How to Change the Carrier Logo On Your iPhone - No Jailbreak Required! (Windows)

    Just a few days ago, ModMyi showed you how to change your carrier logo on your iPhone or cellular-enabled iPad with CarrierEditor. The best part was, the application used didn't require a jailbreak (but it still worked with jailbroken devices), and it even worked on Apple's newest iPhone – the iPhone 5.

    Until today, the application was Mac OS X-only, however iOS developer Dany Lisiansky has kindly built a Windows version of the application so that Windows users can also easily change their carrier logos without the need to deal with command lines.

    To get started, you will need the following items:
    • CustomCarrierLogo application for Windows (version 0.0.6)
    • A cellular iOS device – iPad or iPhone – jailbroken or not jailbroken

    Step 1: Open the application you downloaded. You will see the interface below. Click on the Let's Get Started button:

    Step 2: The application will ask you for your current carrier version. Head over to Settings > General > About on your iOS device to find the carrier version of your device. Enter the number that you see into the application under Current Carrier Version and then select the type of your device (iPad or iPhone) and your Carrier type:

    Step 3: Now click on the Browse buttons to the right of the black logo and etched logo labels to select the logos you want to use. You can use any logos you may have from Cydia, or that you've downloaded from the Internet, or from this handy little logo pack (link). After everything is in order, click on the Create IPCC Carrier Bundle button to build your carrier update:

    Step 4: The application will alert you that your IPCC file is complete:

    Step 5: With your iOS device plugged into your Windows machine, launch iTunes, then hold down the Shift key and click on the Restore iPhone button. Select the .ipcc file that you just made and then click on the Open button to apply the carrier update to your iPhone or iPad.

    Step 6: When iTunes finishes loading the carrier update, reboot your iOS device and enjoy the custom carrier logo that you picked:

    Unlike CarrierEditor, CustomCarrierLogo also comes with a text option that will let you create a text logo with the text you input into the application. It will create an image out of the text you input so you can apply it as a carrier logo. You can adjust the text's color and font.

    Performing this action does not restore your iOS device, even though you use the restore feature in iTunes to apply the carrier settings. The application is provided as is with no warranty implied, just like jailbreaking your device: Use the tool at your own risk! It is possible for Apple to patch this, so enjoy it while it lasts!

    Note: CustomCarrierLogo will place the original .ipcc file for your device’s carrier on your desktop along with the new one you create that contains the new logo. If you ever want to revert the changes so that your iOS device shows the carrier name instead of a logo, just follow Step 5 and Step 6 again, only this time pointing iTunes to the original .ipcc file instead of the new one.
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      pottyvick -
      Is there an update for tmobile US?
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      Quote Originally Posted by pottyvick View Post
      Is there an update for tmobile US?
      Not sure...have you tried it lately?
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      I dont know which one for Sprint should i use. So far it has not work for me at all. i just tried the 0.0.6 and nothing