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  • OLED iPad Rumors Keep Coming

    Rumors about an iPad with an active-matrix organic LED (OLED) screen have been around since before the device's launch, but they don't seem to be going away. This time, it's a pretty specific report in the East Asia technology publication DigiTimes. According to their industry clairvoyants, who have a hit-or-miss track record so far, the next generation of the device will come in three sizes, with the smaller models equipped with high-quality OLED screens, and will hit stores in time for the holidays.

    As AppleInsider notes in their coverage of the report, DigiTimes did incorrectly predict last year that there would be an OLED version of the iPad with a street price of $2,000 US. Similarly, pundits like Gizmodo's Brian Lam were reporting "insider" claims of 10-inch OLED screens on the Apple tablet as early as August 2009. So there is ample reason to discount these reports as more random buzz.

    However, the price of OLEDs has fallen with increased supply, as Samsung and LG, the main suppliers, have been going into overdrive producing the thin screens. Prices are poised to drop even further as Apple goes shopping and promises multi-million unit orders for the popular iPad. While IPS displays are a more mature technology, power draw and color gamut, as well as viewing angles, are better on OLED screens. With the iPad more geared towards video and e-books, Apple will be looking for industry-leading graphics. And having built fat margins into the iPad already, Apple may be willing to eat more of the added cost of the improved screens to keep prices down.

    According to DigiTimes, the second generation iPad will be available with the current 9.7-inch IPS screen as well as with 7-inch and 5.6-inch OLED displays. Late night TV hosts who snickered about the iPad name are no doubt going to have even more fun if Apple comes out with a "mini" one.

    Source: AppleInsider
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    1. shoohorn0plenty's Avatar
      shoohorn0plenty -
      Since I have an iPhone and a laptop, I can't imagine using an iPad for anything other than, "something cool to keep next to the toilet."

      After seeing the iPhone4 in person, anything less than a Retina display - no matter what screen technology they use - will be a dissapointment.
    1. politicalslug's Avatar
      politicalslug -
      How can you retards write for a tech blog? HTC (the current largest buyer of AMOLED screens) is likely moving it's entire product portfolio from AMOLED to LCD because Samsung is squeezing the market for it's own portfolio (can't blame them for that, I would if I were them). LG's capacity is less than 1/10th of Samsung's. How in god's name is Apple going to pull that many OLED screens out of thin air? Do some research. There is a reason that Verizon isn't capable of meeting demands for the HTC Incredible... There aren't enough AMOLED screens. Sheesh, lemme hold your hand while I'm at it. I seriously hope the blogger writing this crap isn't getting paid for it.
    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      Sharper screen and some sort of USB input is what it needs IMO. I am so happy I didn't spring for one of these at launch (assuming any of the rumors about the next version are true). As it stands, my iPhone4 knocks the socks off my gf's iPad. She uses my phone more than she uses the ipad!
    1. lumberjak's Avatar
      lumberjak -
      I think people are forgetting test products as well. While personally I find this story unlikely as being the way Apple is going I will believe these are prototypes of previous iPad iterations or simply test ideas if these products do prove to be authentic. Every idea and product runs prototypes of the device to test for practicality, usability, and usable/possible technology (not to say they are functional). I just don't see Apple saturating the market with goofy sizes of iPad or Touch....buut i am willing to be proved wrong.
    1. Abdullah9018's Avatar
      Abdullah9018 -
      I have a question, why would they increase production on the iPad and release a new one before the holiday season?