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  • iOS 6 Spike Attributed to iPhone 5 Launch in China Instead of Google Maps

    Just last week, we reported on Chitika’s numbers showing that Google Maps only affected iOS 6 adoption by 0.2%. Another study by MoPub illustrated that iOS 6 saw a 29% increase and this was also attributed to Google Maps. Now questions are arising as to why the two numbers were so different and how such a spike came about.

    Chitika has decided to stick with their original prediction that Google Maps only affected iOS 6 adoption about 0.2%, because another variable may have been to blame for the 29% increase in iOS 6 adoption over the weekend. The iPhone 5 just launched in China and many other countries over the weekend and had a successful launch comprising of about 2-million units sold. TechCrunch also reports that MoPub measures their figures on a global scale, while Chitika measures their figures only in the United States and Canada.

    Since the iPhone 5 doesn’t come with any firmware except for iOS 6, the launch in China is a viable explanation for the larger numbers that MoPub released (29% iOS 6 increase). 2-million iPhones are a lot of iPhones, but the numbers MoPub released aren't iPhone 5-only and surely many people around the world may have updated their older iOS devices to iOS 6 in a sigh of relief after the Google Maps release, since those outside of the United States reported the most trouble out of everyone with Apple's Maps application.

    Another solid reason why Google Maps wouldn’t have had much of an impact on iOS 6 adoption is because many people are staying on iOS 5.1.1 to keep their untethered jailbreak, which is not yet available on iOS 6. Google Maps from the App Store is installable on iOS 5.1.1 and has many more features than Apple’s version of the Google Maps application in iOS 5.1.1. Other people may have just installed Google Maps on iOS 5.1.1 and felt too lazy to upgrade after everything was already working correctly on the older firmware.

    With that being said, how many of you actually upgraded to iOS 6 solely because of the Google Maps App Store release?

    Sources: TechCrunch via TUAW
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