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  • The BookBook for iPhone 5 - Where Style and Function Come Together

    Finding a case that has true style coupled with functionality these days is not easy. Twelvesouth’s BookBook case for iPhone 5, however, takes these qualities and puts them all into a wonderful, hand-made work of art. The case features genuine leather and gives the user a solution for holding their iPhone 5 and wallet contents all in one package.

    There are 4 different slots for credit cards, IDs, library passes, or other credit card-shaped objects. The front-most slot is intended for an ID, such as a driver’s license, as it includes a transparent plastic overlay so you can see the ID through the slot. There is also a hole in the center to make it easy to push your ID out of the slot if you need to get it out of the BookBook case. Behind all of the card slots, there is a massive pocket where you can hold items such as money, receipts, and other thin items you might carry around in your wallet.

    The actual iPhone snaps into a snap-on shell on the right side of the BookBook. It has a suede-like feel to it, however it’s as hard as any plastic snap-on case. It holds onto your iPhone very tight so you never have to worry about it falling out. You can also see that no part of the case covers the front of the iPhone (unless you close the BookBook), so you have 100% access to the touch screen, home button, front-facing camera, and front-facing speaker.

    As far as your iPhone’s volume controls are concerned, the BookBook case gives you complete access to the volume up and volume down buttons, and the ringer/silent switch is also easily accessible. It’s nice how there is no part of the case covering this area at all, like in some cases where the volume buttons are covered and the switch is shown through a small hole in the case, because you don’t have to have long fingernails to get to the switch.

    The iPhone’s power button is easily accessible from the top of the BookBook case as well:

    Users will also find that the unobtrusive bottom of the BookBook case makes just about all of your accessories compatible. We had no problem getting any of our speakers or headphones to plug into the headphone jack, and the lightning connector is as open as can be. You have full access to the bottom speaker and microphone thanks to this open design as well, which helps with keeping sound crisp and clear.

    The open edge of the BookBook case from the side (no access to SIM):

    The camera also has a roomy space to shine through the case. There is a large hole that accommodates not only the lens, but also the rear-facing microphone and LED flash, so there are no issues getting the perfect picture when you need your camera most.

    The binding of the BookBook case looks just like an old library book. It says "Vol V" because it's for the iPhone 5. It comes out of the box with a well-worn appearance, which gives it the aged and stylish look. It’s not actually worn, as these are just coloring effects. You can, however, wear it with use to get a more realistic well-worn appearance, and Twelvesouth applauds well-worn BookBook cases, as a slip of paper within the box states:

    Scuffs and wrinkles? Great. Scratches and stains on your Book Book? Congrats! In fact, we actually like BookBook the older and more weathered it looks. Our advice on cleaning your BookBook for iPhone? Don't!
    Thanks to the soft interior, the rear of the iPhone is well protected. The snap-on shell in the BookBook protects the aluminum edges of the iPhone, and the folding cover protects the front of the iPhone. The credit cards will not rub on the iPhone’s display thanks to the design of the BookBook.

    The are only two major disadvantages to the BookBook – one being that the soft interior collects lint easily (especially pocket lint), and not really a disadvantage to the BookBook, but mostly wallet cases in general, if you leave your BookBook behind somewhere by mistake, you will lose not only your iPhone, but your credit cards and IDs as well (so be careful with it!)

    BookBook for iPhone 5 is not heavy, isn’t made cheap, and it adds some style to your iPhone. If you’ve been looking into wallet cases for your iPhone 5, this case is the way to go. The BookBook for iPhone 5 retails for $59.99 on Twelvesouth's Web site and you can get one in either Classic Black or Vintage Brown. Twelvesouth also makes an iPhone 4/4S version of the case.

    Due to the case being hand-made out of premium materials, feeling good in your hand, offering great protection to the iPhone, and doubling as a wallet to get that lump out of your back pocket, we're giving the BookBook for iPhone 5 four out of five leaves. Four, and not five, because it's a lint magnet.

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    1. Dazz187s's Avatar
      Dazz187s -
      Wow, is that camera hole just slightly too big?
    1. Norb's Avatar
      Norb -
      Quote Originally Posted by Dazz187s View Post
      Wow, is that camera hole just slightly too big?
      Too close and you can get weird things like flash glare... I've seen it happen with cheap cases that had small camera holes. That said I do think it could be a little smaller. Who knows thought, they may have *gasp* tested.
    1. KraXik's Avatar
      KraXik -
      Such a stupid name.

      I plan on getting the Element Ronin case, just need to work out a way of hiding the purchase from my Mrs.
    1. jery911's Avatar
      jery911 -
      style? lol that thing is big and ugly
    1. baRRy boRRis's Avatar
      baRRy boRRis -
      Keeping your debit/credit cards with your phone. What a truly ridiculous idea! Perhaps they should add a slot for your house key :/
    1. YoungBird817's Avatar
      YoungBird817 -
      Make fore iPads ill buy one
    1. Checksum47's Avatar
      Checksum47 -
      I have one for my 4S. I love it. Works perfectly but I had to cut a hole in mine for my camera. Other than that it works just like you would think. Nice thing is that I dont need a separate wallet.
    1. mmaboi21's Avatar
      mmaboi21 -
      Book book is so classy(style wise) I love them. I'd never get one because I like the naked feeling.
    1. iPittsburgh's Avatar
      iPittsburgh -
      I see this case being more favored by women than men.
    1. javiert30's Avatar
      javiert30 -
      I bought mine the second day after the release, it look better than the one that I had for my iPhone 4, the frame that holds the iPhone is covered with leather so you don't have to worry about scratching your iPhone 5 frame. The bad thing is that after one month of use, that frame that holds the iPhone is starting to pill off the leather in the top, hopefully they offer one year of warranty, Im waiting till it pill off a little more so I can send it to them back for a replacement, I think they need to fix that, the same thing is going to happen with the replacement I guess.
    1. Checksum47's Avatar
      Checksum47 -
      One other problem is that the plastic from the drivers license part will smear onto your phone making it look greasy leaving a smudge No matter how much/hard you clean it. But on the other hand it doesnt scratch at all.
    1. thevmax's Avatar
      thevmax -
      Oh yes, this is such a great idea ... the bookbook!
      Now when your iphone gets stolen, the criminal has access to all your credit cards,
      your license and anything else they need to prove they are YOU!
    1. GADeputy's Avatar
      GADeputy -
      Quote Originally Posted by YoungBird817 View Post
      Make fore iPads ill buy one
      They have them for the iPad too. BookBook Vol 2 for iPad - BookBook Vol 2 for iPad - Twelve South
    1. desmondwong's Avatar
      desmondwong -
      can't wait to get one for my gf!