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  • iOS 6.0.2 Released for iPhone 5, iPad Mini

    Apple has just launched iOS 6.0.2 for the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. Interestingly, the update is not out for all iOS devices. It is not known if it will come out shortly, or if the update is only going to be for these two devices.

    According to the changelog, the update simply fixes an issue with Wi-Fi on these devices. Itís also probably likely that the update fixes security holes that could be used as exploits for a jailbreak so itís recommended you hold off, unless youíve been experiencing Wi-Fi issues, if you've been waiting for any kind of jailbreak solution.

    OTA (over the air) updating is not showing the update just yet, as we are only able to find it in iTunes. The update should be live on OTA updating shortly.

    Just yesterday, Apple also released iOS 6.1 beta 4 to developers for beta testing, signaling that iOS 6.1 is nearing release. iOS 6.0.2 is now the latest public firmware.

    Edit: iOS 6.0.2 is now available OTA.
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    1. NewdestinyX's Avatar
      NewdestinyX -
      Quote Originally Posted by Retrolock View Post
      Face it, we need Geohot back in the scene. Start a petition or something lol
      All props to Geohot, not even he could have cracked this nut any quicker. iOS 6 is like Fort Knox from what the devs are saying.

      Quote Originally Posted by bbrks View Post
      OK, I understand that, but it's still wrong. I want to use my iPhone the way I want and at my own risk, So, I need to have choice and yes I am aware of the risks involved. It's a free world and Apple is working very hard to limit this choices. Long term, I am sure, they will lose more and more users, if they continue like this.
      Your argument's been made a million times. The fact is that people who jailbreak their phones account for less then 1.5% of all iPhone users. We're an insignificant speck on Apple's radar. That's also why it's not a proper argument to make that Apple only does updates to close the exploit loopholes. That's not the case at all. I mean it does matter to them to close those loopholes but because they're worried about malware more than jailbreakers.
    1. bbrks's Avatar
      bbrks -
      Fine agreed, just wondering, 1,5 %, what number would that be 1 or 2 million or maybe more, not exactly peanuts.
    1. csglinux's Avatar
      csglinux -
      Quote Originally Posted by Retrolock View Post
      Face it, we need Geohot back in the scene. Start a petition or something lol
      I'm sure you were joking, but a petition might not be a bad idea. No harm in asking/begging/groveling (politely!): [email protected]. Geohot is one of the few devs (along with MuscleNerd) that didn't end up selling exploits (or his soul) to the Devil.

      BTW, I believe the numbers for jailbroken phones are a little higher than has been quoted. Estimates (prior to the iPhone 5 launch) had the US at about 7~8% of iPhones jailbroken, but countries such as China as high as 50%. There'd be some loss of revenue if past jailbreak users switched to other platforms, but almost certainly not enough to make Apple loosen its iron-grip control over iOS.