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  • You Can Use Siri to Get Directions in the Google Maps App, Here's How

    One of the biggest beefs with Google’s new Google Maps application is that it doesn't make the perfect iOS Maps application replacement because you can’t use Siri to get directions through Google Maps… or can you?

    Yes folks, as it turns out, you can indeed get directions in the new Google Maps application right through Siri, and since we've been getting so many questions as to how to do it, we’re going to show you how.

    If you want Siri to bring you to Google Maps each time you want directions instead of Apple’s Maps, all you have to do is say "via transit" or "by transit" when you ask for directions, and Siri will let you pick from a list of transit applications, such as Google Maps, and then route the directions in the application you choose. Check it out:

    Step 1: Begin by asking Siri how to get somewhere via transit. You can just ask how to get somewhere, or you can ask how to get from one location to another:

    Step 2: You will now be prompted to select the application with transit support that you want to use. You can select Google Maps if you prefer to by tapping on the Route button just to the right of the application:

    Step 3: Google Maps will now find several routes that you can pick from. Just select the one that is most convenient to you:

    Step 4: Google Maps will route out the route that you queried through Siri. No Apple Maps involved:

    Note: If you choose to ask how to get from your current location to another location, Google Maps will give you turn by turn navigation. If you choose to ask how to get from some other location to another location, Google Maps will only show you how to get there, but will not have turn by turn navigation, just as shown above.

    Enjoy using Siri to navigate with the new Google Maps app!

    Sources: Beau Giles via Steve Troughton Smith
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    1. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
      Anthony Bouchard -
      Quote Originally Posted by jot9011 View Post
      Doesn't work for me. I have Google Maps and TomTom installed as well. Siri goes directly to TomTom every time.
      Are you on iOS 5?
    1. icedming's Avatar
      icedming -
      I don't get it? I have iPhone 4 iOS 6.0.1 (CDMA), the new google maps gives you turn by turn without Siri. It still gives you the turn by turn when the phone is locked and also gives you a notification on the lock screen with current turn. I tried to use apple maps today to search a restaurant and it skipped the closest one and was going to make me drive an extra 20. Search the exact same damn thing in google maps and it gives me the nearest place. And twice now it has taken me to a non-existent McDonald's. my office is 3 streets off(give or take a mile and a half. If anything iOS 6.2 needs to reintegrate google maps. Cook is sinking apple faster than bolt runs the 100 meter. On another note for those of you not running a Siri enabled device, aloud will also give you turn by turn voice directions, this tweak was out way before crapple maps. Apple maps feels like a blackberry in my hand. Also aloud will not work on iOS 6 and he won't update it.