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  • Apple Finally Allows Controversial TrapCall App into the App Store

    TrapCall was trapped for months in Apple's App Store purgatory, withstanding one of the most stringent known reviews in App Store history. For 201 days, TrapCall - an app that allows users to find out who's really behind blocked phone calls - was being analyzed under a microscope given the obvious privacy concerns such an app raises.

    But now comes word that TrapCell has made it through. And its' presently available from app maker Tel Tech Systems. TrapCall, it should be noted, is a free app to download, but Tel Tech Systems charges $5 a month to provide the un-blocking service. According to the makers of the controversial app, TrapCall is the only known app of its kind to offer this particular functionality - something we all wish we've had at one time or another.

    Here's how it works. If you receive a call from a blocked number, simply tap the sleep button twice to decline it and direct the call over to TrapCall. Within seconds, the service sends your handset a text message with precise caller information, including the name, telephone number and address of the blocked caller.

    Some are naturally speculating that this app won't be allowed to remain in the App Store for very long as the legality of the service provided is questionable at best. Still, the app is, indeed, available for now. And if you want to check it out, click here.

    Source: TelTech Systems
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    1. Patato22's Avatar
      Patato22 -
      Iblacklist do it for me xD

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    1. CZroe's Avatar
      CZroe -
      I've had CSRs call me back when I gave no identifying information and called from a blocked number. If it's legal for them... *shrug*
    1. Team Infecti0n's Avatar
      Team Infecti0n -
      Quote Originally Posted by z3r01 View Post
      well...for 5 a month that is ok if u receive blocked calls all day everyday...other then that, thanks but no thanks...i have a better option and its free...send blocked calls to voicemail...if they leave on great if not , it never existed
      Exactly. Just get iBlackList and don't even worry about any blocked numbers even bothering you.
    1. therockk's Avatar
      therockk -
      I think it a great app. If your like my cousin who constantly gets prank calls from blocked numbers, this is a great way to find out who it is then pound their face in! Also $5 a month is a very reasonable price. If you compare it to for example SpoofCall, they charge per call per minute. When I get home later today I will buy a month from them and see how well it works!

      Anyone try it yet? Any feedback ....
    1. thetoothfairy's Avatar
      thetoothfairy -
      I don't get many blocked calls... however when I do I don't answer them.... I don't have time for blocked calls... would like this app just to have but not for the kind of $$$ they want for it... forget it!
    1. psychodave's Avatar
      psychodave -
      $5 a month is a bit much for the amount I won't use. Maybe a per use charge would be easier on those of use would like to have it but don't have a important need for it.
    1. estebanserrano's Avatar
      estebanserrano -
      Quote Originally Posted by dale2 View Post
      a camera app cant use the buttons differently, but this app can?
      The double click of the lock button is originally made by apple to send the call to voice mail
    1. Kupe's Avatar
      Kupe -
      Just use iBlacklist. Blocked calls- or any other you wish- are gone.
    1. Doran's Avatar
      Doran -
      For those saying to just use iBlackList.... This is not to "Block" the call, it's to reveal the "Blocked Number".....
    1. bonum83's Avatar
      bonum83 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Patato22 View Post
      Iblacklist do it for me xD

      Sent from my iPhone using ModMyi
      I have it too and it works for calls and text messages. It was a 1 time charge of 8$. My question is can it trace cellular numbers? Like will t be able to tell me the address of the person thru a cell?

      Plus I'll see if we can get a cracked version of this in cydia
    1. KartRacer's Avatar
      KartRacer -
      I'd like to know why AT&T or Verizon can't unblock every call by default. There's no reason to block a number unless you are a telemarketer, debt collector, or a kid that's dicking around with people they shouldn't be. Blocking a number should be illegal in the US.
    1. WakaFlocka's Avatar
      WakaFlocka -
      Quote Originally Posted by matthew_d View Post
      I think he's pointing out that apps like camera+ won't let you take pics with the volume buttons but this will let you do a command with the sleep button.

      And does anyone know of a jailbreak app that will do the same thing?
      SnapTap is what you're looking for.
    1. urwack's Avatar
      urwack -
      i dont see the need for this app for myself. i hardley ever get blocked numbers and when i do i usually dont answer. if it was a one time $5 charge i might think about just for poop n giggles
    1. AKCHRIS's Avatar
      AKCHRIS -
      LOL!!! This App's a JOKE..I can get iBlacklist for $12 and that's it. No monthly ANYTHING!!!..LOL..WOW!!!!I hope Apple takes this App out cause it's NOT FREE BY ANY MEANS..LMAO.
    1. sLevin1fo's Avatar
      sLevin1fo -
      Quote Originally Posted by MPS3 View Post
      my phone company just blocks unknown numbers
      Pedo bear, really? GTFOOH!!!!!!!
    1. quidam_brujah's Avatar
      quidam_brujah -
      Quote Originally Posted by kadernal View Post
      yea I get one or two blocked calls a month tops. Id rather just not pick up. maybe if they charged like 50 cents per call it would be worth it.

      as far as "revealing private info about others" thats crazy talk. There is no reason I shouldn't be able to know who is calling MY phone. This should be built into iOS as far as I'm concerned.
      +0.75 -- I don't know about the 'built into iOS part'...

      This is part of a longstanding peeve I have with service providers. Picture this: three people in a room -- a telemarketer, you, and a service provider (phone company).

      SP to you: Hey, don't you hate it when TM calls you during dinner or whatever?
      You: Yeah, that's annoying.
      SP: Yeah... for a small fee we can make your number unlisted.
      You: Really? That's great! I'll pay!

      SP to TM: Hey, don't you hate not having all those numbers you used to have?
      TM: Yeah, that's annoying -- and I'm losing out on potential business!
      SP: Yeah... for a small fee we can sell you the list of unlisted numbers.
      TM: Really? That's great! I'll pay!

      SP to you: Hey, don't you hate it that even though your number is unlisted, TM is still calling?
      You: Yeah, that's annoying.
      SP: Yeah... for a small fee, we can give you a gadget that will show you the name and number of who's calling and you won't have to answer the phone.
      You: Really? That's great! I'll pay!

      SP to TM: Hey, don't you hate that they are not answering the phone 'cause they know it's you?
      TM: Yeah, that's annoying.
      SP: Yeah... for a small fee we can block your number so it doesn't show up.
      TM: Really? That's great! I'll pay!

      SP to you: Hey, don't you hate getting blocked calls and you don't know who it is?
      You: Yeah, that's annoying.
      SP: Yeah... for a small fee we can send you a message that tells you who it was that was blocking their number.
      You: Really? That's great! I'll pay!

      They've been buys selling guns to both sides and we keep buying.

      In general, yeah, if you call me, I should know who's ringing my phone. If you don't want me to know who is calling, you probably shouldn't be calling me. This is the equivalent of someone coming to your house, knocking on your door and you don't know who it is. You get a peephole. They stick their finger over it. Are you really going to answer the door now? So I don't, but I pay for a service where they call me and tell me who was standing at my door that I refuse to answer.

      This is getting ridiculous.
    1. dtox2008's Avatar
      dtox2008 -
      Right here is what I see...
      $5 a month isnt so bad...
      I pay like 20 pounds a year for ilocalis
      And most of you like me pay like 39.99 a year for the xbox live so its just another service like that...

      thats the pros.... now the Cons...

      I dont understand why you have to Decline the the call to see the number I wish that you could do it auto-matic here in england I get about 8-10 blocked numbers a week 90% are junk but the other 10% I dont want to hang up on them just to find out their number...

      If you want to block calls use iblacklist
      if you want the free way answer like i do and when they are hi mr ..... hang up...

      If they mix then number without hanging up then yes its worth $5 a month I think... but if you need to hang up nah...
    1. daytonaviolet's Avatar
      daytonaviolet -
      i think its a great concept. its not about ignoring a blocked number, its about finding out who is cranking calling you 10 times a day. yes, you can use blacklist to simple ignore the call. but.. what if you want to find out who's behind the crank calls.

      i may get this app, but $5 is a bit much. considering i would only use it to find out who is crank calling me.

      btw, is there an app to stop spoof text like TextNow? i would pay for that app too.
    1. 1976Hoosiers's Avatar
      1976Hoosiers -
      this would be super sweet if it wasn't 60 bucks a year, i pay 10 a month for netflix and there is no way I am going to use this half as much as I use netflix. I would much rather pay a high flat price than a subscription service.
    1. AKCHRIS's Avatar
      AKCHRIS -
      lol..all YOU need is iBlacklist. It's about $12 for once you get the license it's YOURS..FOREVER!!!.No subscriptions.