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  • 25 Classic Cocktails - An Enhanced iBook

    * clink *

    That's the sound of my iPad hitting my coupe glass while I'm making this Corpse Reviver #2, a Prohibition era cocktail with Absinthe, gin, and Lillet Blanc.

    I'm checking out 25 Classic Cocktails Volume 1, by All Sorts Media (disclaimer - I know the guys who made this), a new enhanced iBook which was just released. It is a media-rich tip of the hat to 25 of the best cocktails to come out of the 20s, 30s, and 40s, including videos, brief histories, and text instructions showing how to make them.

    Check out the image below for the drinks showcased in this first volume (a second volume is scheduled for release in 2013).

    Each drink has it's own page, with a quick recipe and text instructions listed on the left showing how to make it (if you just want a reference). There's also a history of the drink written. Above that, there are two separate videos - a montage of the ingredients and important steps, and an actual instructional video with a bartender teaching you how to make the drink. Under the history section is an expandable interactive image of each ingredient. Tap the ingredients for more information about each. The photos alone are pretty enough to warrant buying the book.

    The videos run around 4 minutes each, and the bartender explains a little of the history of the drink first, then walks you through the creation of the cocktail. Best tools and methods are highlighted, and the camera does a good job of getting close up on important steps.

    If you're a cocktail aficionado, there's some classics in here you'll know (manhattan, old fashioned, gimlet), but there's also some drinks you may be less familiar with as well (brandy crusta, east india cocktail, negroni). A perfect tool to add to your home cocktail experience.

    25 Classic Cocktails Volume 1 is available from the iBooks Store for $6.99, a great deal considering the amount of media included (50 separate videos, some great photography!). If you're into cocktails, or considering learning a little more of the history and passion that goes into them, definitely check it out. The book is also a hearty example of what all you can do with Apple's enhanced iBooks.

    We've got a couple promo codes as well to give away - leave a comment with your favorite cocktail and we'll send two winners a copy of the book this week!
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    1. xxa01xx's Avatar
      xxa01xx -
      would love to have this book and learn about history of martini
    1. justinpotter81's Avatar
      justinpotter81 -
      Corpse Reviver #2 sounds like my kind of drink for the zombie apocalypse
    1. thazsar's Avatar
      thazsar -
      I just can't believe Kyle emerged from his hole and wrote an article!!! LOL!

      Welcome back, buddy!
    1. mrjebt's Avatar
      mrjebt -
      This is fantastic! I wonder if a bacon-infused old fashioned with Four Roses small batch is in this. If not it's a must!!!
    1. mrrom92's Avatar
      mrrom92 -
      Always was a fan of the Cuba Libre.

      I am however, a huge history buff as well as a certified legal alcoholic in about 20 days (my 21st birthday) so this seems like something that would be right up my alley. Would love to win a promo code so I can check it out.
    1. Dranon's Avatar
      Dranon -
      My favorite sex on the beach of course! BUT I love making others their favorites so this book would be a BIG help!
    1. Petelah's Avatar
      Petelah -
      I am currently writing this on my break at a cocktail bar in Sydney!

      This book contains two of my favorite cocktails actually both made famous in New Orleans.

      The sazerac: which was first made with cognac credited tithe French until a new invention called bourbon and rye whiskey came along to which the drink is mostly made with now.

      And the vieux carre: which contains 4 different types of spirits. Rye whiskey, cognac, dry vermouth and Dom Benedictine. Stirred down with simple syrups or cane sugar and angostura and peychauds bitters garnished with a lemon twist. This cocktail will go down very easy but don't try to stand up too fast after a couple! Made famous in the hotel monteleone that features a revolving carousel bar!

      This ebook would make a great collection to my library and would love to be able to reccomend it customers!
    1. mrrom92's Avatar
      mrrom92 -
      I was just checking the page to see who won, was wondering why nothing was posted, realized I was logged out, logged in and immediately saw the message that I won haha. I'm thrilled, my 21st is gonna be a blast due to this. Thanks so much modmyi!