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  • A Look At the Incipio Stashback Case for iPhone 5

    Yesterday, ModMyi showed you the Incipio Edge Pro case for the iPhone 5 as a part of our daily case peek this week to help in deciding what case to get your friends and family (or even yourself), that have an iPhone 5, for the holidays. Today, we will be showing you the Incipio Stashback case for the iPhone 5.

    The Incipio Stashback is a slide-in case that gets its name from having a stash in the back. It allows you to kill two birds with one stone by being able to carry your iPhone and credit cards in one package without ever needing to bring your wallet. As you can see from the image below, the Incipio Stashback looks like an ordinary case, but the bottom part actually folds backwards to reveal your credit cards.

    You could put your driverís license, shopping credit card, and Best Buy Rewards card in there and youíll be ready to go Christmas shopping at Best Buy without even having your wallet on you. Not to mention, guys will enjoy a case like this because not having a wallet in their back pocket will make it more comfortable to sit down while driving. Girls will enjoy the bright selection of colors. There is room for about four to five different types of cards in there, so you will be able to use your imagination.

    Taking a glance inside of the case, you can see that the entire internal surface of the case has a protective layer of silicon to help in absorbing bump and drop shock to your iPhone 5. The hard surface on the outside of the case also helps fend off some of the hit.

    The Incipio Stashback comes with a rear iPhone protector, which is basically just like a screen protector, so that you can ensure the different cards wonít scratch your iPhone as they slide in and out of the case. For good measure, the case also comes with a front screen protector to keep the front of the iPhone protected from scratches as well.

    When closed, the Incipio Stashback has a sloped design on the rear. The slope stops where the tip of the credit card would be and then the case becomes slimmer near the Camera. The large opening for the Camera ensures that the case doesnít get in the way of your photography, LED flash, and rear microphone. Near the bottom, where the case opens to reveal your credit cards, the moving part of the case is secured by a piece of silicon with Incipioís logo on it. It's pretty sturdy and doesn't feel like it's going to fall off any time soon.

    Flipped over, we can see that the case has a large lip that surrounds the front of the iPhone, making this case great at keeping the iPhone's screen off of any table surfaces that you may lay the phone face-down on. The volume buttons are covered in a colored, silicon overlay to help prevent scratches to the buttons, however the ringer/silent switch is exposed so you can switch it easily on demand. It was much easier to reach the ringer/silent switch through this case than it was through the Incipio Edge Pro case.

    The power button of the iPhone is also covered in a colored silicon overlay that helps keep it from getting scratched with use over time.

    Near the bottom of the case, we can see that the case takes after the Incipio Feather, with the wide-open access to ports, the speaker, and the microphone. We were able to fit the larger 3.5mm jacks from headphones and speakers that didnít fit in the smaller opening on the Incipio Edge Pro. The wide-open access also wonít get in the way of the Lightning connector one bit.

    The case has a really good feel in your hands due to the rounded edges. The case design feels solid, although we think some kind of latch for the bottom, rather than allowing the case to simply rub up on the side of the iPhone every time you want to open it, might be a good idea to avoid rub marks over time. The Incipio Stashback also has a great amount of drop protection and iPhone safety in mind.

    The Incipio Stashback retails for $39.99 and comes in the following color choices on Incipio's Web site:
    • Obsidian Black with Ultraviolet Blue trim
    • Optical White with Navajo Turquoise trim
    • Obsidian Black with Obsidian Black trim
    • Graphite Gray with Haze Gray trim
    • Cherry Blossom Pink with Charcoal Gray trim

    If youíre looking for a case that can do more than just protect your iPhone, then the Incipio Stashback is something to look into. We feel a case like this might be more popular among the girls out there, but itís available for everyone. Weíre giving the Incipio Stashback 3 out of 5 leaves because it offers great protection, but could use a more refined flap for opening and closing the stash in the back!

    Each unit comes with a complimentary microfiber cloth and screen protector as well as the rear iPhone protector.
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    1. KraXik's Avatar
      KraXik -
      I've not noticed the leaves thing before. Very professional!

      In terms of the case, IMO, it fails in the single biggest area - looks.

      Looks ugly as hell.
    1. luvmytj's Avatar
      luvmytj -
      The fit is horrible. The seam line where the lower portion meets the upper portion is visibly out of line. I'll pass...
    1. thazsar's Avatar
      thazsar -
      Do we get an Incipio iPhone stand w/ every purchase?! I've noticed the last two threads show that stand; so maybe that's how they're trying to distract us from their case's ugliness!!!
    1. CinePhone's Avatar
      CinePhone -
      Quote Originally Posted by KraXik View Post
      ...it fails in the single biggest area - looks.
      Looks ugly as hell.
      Agreed.. not to mention the ability to loose your drivers license and credit cards along with your lost phone... no thanks. I'll take my chances on a good ol' pick pocketer rater that some lame *** phone snatcher punk any day.
    1. daytonaviolet's Avatar
      daytonaviolet -
      Quote Originally Posted by CinePhone View Post
      Agreed.. not to mention the ability to loose your drivers license and credit cards along with your lost phone... no thanks. I'll take my chances on a good ol' pick pocketer rater that some lame *** phone snatcher punk any day.
      agreed, fitment sucks. so if you loose your phone, you also loose CC, driver's license or what ever is inside
    1. ugshotgun's Avatar
      ugshotgun -
      There are many people to whom will like the idea of having the phone and credit cards all in one; not me, but there are those that keep their phone in their pockets and this will be a big selling point for them. I agree though, it is an ugly looking case; me personally...cannot and WILL NOT survive without my LifeProof Case, its save my rear end TOO many times! :-D
    1. Lysias55's Avatar
      Lysias55 -
      I actually like this. Currently my wallet doesn't have a find my wallet app, and I know if I was clumsy enough to lose my phone whoever finds it won't know about the hidden compartment. They're headed in the right direction w/ innovation
    1. samriti's Avatar
      samriti -
      Its really looking good and having perfect appearance too.
    1. Rickey65's Avatar
      Rickey65 -
      Real good.