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  • Apple Stores Reportedly Outpace Microsoft Stores on Black Friday

    Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster recently released a note today comparing foot traffic to sales per hour at both Apple and Microsoft retail stores on Black Friday. Munsterís team spent eight hours outside of the Mall of America Apple Store in Minneapolis to gather data and provide information on how well the Apple Store did compared to the Microsoft Store at the same location.

    What he found was that customers purchased 17.2 items per hour at the Apple Store compared to just 3.5 products per hour at the Microsoft store. To be a bit more precise, he did point out that all but two of the Microsoft store purchases were Xbox titles.

    Although it isnít very scientific, the comparison survey tells us that shoppers pick up nearly five times as many items per hour at the Apple Store. Munsterís team noted that an average of 11 iPads were sold per hour compared to zero Microsoft Surface sales. Overall, there happened to be 47% less foot traffic at the Microsoft store than the Apple.

    The news doesnít bode well for Microsoft who is seemingly struggling as Apple continues to gain ground in the market.

    Source: Fortune
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      SepticTank -
      Seriously?? A discussion about Apple stores vs Microsoft stores? Wow. Who cares. Last time I checked, most companies utilize PCs because most companies have no use for Apple products, besides a handheld device. So to call this thread dead in the water-MS wins the global battle over Apple. Anyone writing about that here? Didn't think so. What a stupid article (not the poster).

      Also, ripping on Chinese people was out of line for that but for the others sticking up for a communist country need to get their skulls checked. It's not a nice place, just ask the masses over there like I did when I visited there for a tech seminar. Talk about violence and oppression. Thank God for the USA.

      My opinions.