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  • AT&T Reportedly Begins Enabling FaceTime Over Cellular for Customers

    Less than two weeks ago, it was announced that AT&T would remove the limitation of their FaceTime over cellular service for shared data plans only. This would give all AT&T customers with iPhones running iOS 6 the ability to initiate and receive FaceTime calls even when not connected to a Wi-Fi network.

    According to a report via MacRumors, AT&T has quietly begun the process of enabling the feature for all of its iOS 6 iPhone customers. Since the process of enabling the feature has just begun, it will not be available for everyone just yet, but AT&T promised in their initial announcement that everyone would be able to use the feature within several weeks after the announcement.

    Some users that are grandfathered into their unlimited data plans are also reporting that they are able to use the feature, despite the fact that AT&T announced they would only be enabling FaceTime over cellular for customers with tiered data plans. This is certainly a nice gesture from the company.

    If you’re an AT&T customer on iOS 6 and have been looking forward to using Apple’s FaceTime over cellular feather on your iPhone, keep an eye out in your cellular settings to see if your FaceTime over cellular setting becomes toggleable for you. Usually you would get a message saying you need to adjust your data plan, however when the feature is enabled for you, you will be able to adjust this setting at your own free will.

    If you’re not on iOS 6, you will still need to rely on jailbreak tweaks such as 3G Unrestrictor 5 to use FaceTime over cellular.

    Sources: MacRumors
    This article was originally published in forum thread: AT&T Starts Enabling FaceTime Over Cellular for Customers started by Anthony Bouchard View original post
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    1. rivalsrage156's Avatar
      rivalsrage156 -
      I just did a reboot on my iPhone 5 and I now have facetime. So it's working in the Bay Area
    1. Mrteacup's Avatar
      Mrteacup -
      Okay i thought it was strange that one time i tried on accident and it was working over my grandfathered unlimited data
    1. jamesgunaca's Avatar
      jamesgunaca -
      FaceTime is now enabled for me, I didn't even have to switch the slider! iPhone 5 - AT&T Unlimited Data Plan - San Francisco

      I had checked FaceTime just earlier this week and it was still disabled (tried enabling and got the typical error message). I was having issues connecting to the network yesterday so rebooted my phone; upon reading this article this morning I went to settings and FaceTime was enabled already.

      I wasn't eager to get this feature but it will be interesting to see how it performs on LTE.
    1. tellytel's Avatar
      tellytel -
      Confirmed working on AT&T unlimited. After reboot
    1. infin's Avatar
      infin -
      mine is working now, i5, ios6, unlimited family data plan. thanks att!
    1. Carvensno's Avatar
      Carvensno -
      Well I'm grandfathered unlimited and my buttons show I'm enabled. Just haven't tested yet. All my buddy's are at work lol. I'm in the Central Valley Cali
    1. csglinux's Avatar
      csglinux -
      Quote Originally Posted by Gamemaster77 View Post
      It's not a "nice gesture" at all. It's what they should have been doing all along. You're paying for the data so you should be able to do what you want with it.
      Exactly right.

      P.S. This is AT&T we're talking about. This company sometimes shifts positions due to market pressures, but it doesn't ever make nice gestures.
    1. towboattrash34's Avatar
      towboattrash34 -
      For those that say it works what OS you on. 6.0/6.0.1 ? I'm just not going to upgrade from 6.0 untill a jailbreak is available
    1. Trooper Sam's Avatar
      Trooper Sam -
      South Orange County, So Cal, no go on unlimited iPhone 5 in LTE coverage.
    1. BoostedEvoIX's Avatar
      BoostedEvoIX -
      Orlando FL, have 6.0.1, iphone 5 unlimited data. Just rebooted iphone and its now enabled on LTE. havent tried to use it yet since im at work. Will report back later.
    1. Paddycakes's Avatar
      Paddycakes -
      On iPhone 5 grandfather unlimited iOS 6.0... Waiting for JB ... In south FL no luck after 3 reboots
    1. Silverado1987's Avatar
      Silverado1987 -
      It looks like a bunch of major cities. And LTE users. Can we confirm this. Orlando is an hour away from me and its not working for me
    1. fanboyfanboy's Avatar
      fanboyfanboy -
      Never had to wait as Verizon never blocked it... Ftw
    1. JazJon's Avatar
      JazJon -
      It's not working for me yet in San Francisco.
      My iPhone 5 is grandfathered unlimited
      My 2nd family plan iPhone 5 is on a 3GB plan
      I tried the reboot methods talked about above, no luck.
    1. NewD's Avatar
      NewD -
      Nothin' in Philly yet.
    1. Silverado1987's Avatar
      Silverado1987 -
      Still nothing in Ocala,Florida but if I do enable it and gives me the popup and reboot it will be turned on but won't work
    1. tlyons1022's Avatar
      tlyons1022 -
      Quote Originally Posted by fanboyfanboy View Post
      Never had to wait as Verizon never blocked it... Ftw
      Still no data + calling at the same time right? That's what I thought. Oh, you're paying twice as much as me? That's what I thought. Vagizon sucks.
    1. MXCO's Avatar
      MXCO -
      Rebooting on iPhone 5 iOS 6.0.1 3GB data plan isn't working in Seattle, wa. The toggle turns on but after LTE comes up the toggle turns off.
    1. kyphur's Avatar
      kyphur -
      Quote Originally Posted by TristianLyons1022 View Post
      Still no data + calling at the same time right?
      According to the AT&T rep (I'm retail, we sell AT&T service) Verizon phones that aren't iPhones (only the 5 is LTE) but are LTE can now do data & calling simultaneously, the limitation is in the iPhone...

      Oh he also told me that AT&T iPhone 5 shares this limitation when connected via LTE!
    1. fanboyfanboy's Avatar
      fanboyfanboy -
      Quote Originally Posted by TristianLyons1022 View Post
      Still no data + calling at the same time right? That's what I thought. Oh, you're paying twice as much as me? That's what I thought. Vagizon sucks.
      Data throttling, Slower speeds. Horrible tech support, dropped calls due to bad service, congested networks. I could do this too. I didn't bash AT&T. I just stated I like Verizon better. You sound a little butt hurt

      PS. Last time I checked, my plan is actually cheaper than my friends on AT&T. The plans are comparable in price FYI