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  • Nokia's HERE Maps for iOS Now Available for Download

    As ModMyi reported last week, Nokia had an interest in bringing their HTML5 HERE mapping service to the iOS App Store. The app was expected to take a few weeks to get approved, but HERE is now available in the App Store for free today!

    HERE brings Nokia’s flavor of navigation to iOS. It includes support for bus routes, car routes, and walking routes. For walking routes, you will be able to receive voice navigation. Unfortunately, the bus routes and car routes do not include voice navigation, so you’ll have to use an alternative such as Apple’s Maps or Waze to get voice navigation in the car.

    Upon starting a route and selecting the walk button from the top left, you’ll notice a Play button. This button is used to initiate the voice navigation. HERE will be sure to alert you to pay attention to your surroundings while using the feature, because it's easy to get distracted by your phone while walking. The walking navigation is currently in its beta stages, so you can expect a few hiccups.

    Nokia’s HERE maps will keep a history of your searches that will help with suggestions in the future as you type locations. It will also allow you to save map views so you can use them offline.

    The satellite view has nice coloring and decent clarity with labels:

    You can pick between map view, live traffic view, public transport line view, or satellite view. The maps are slightly sluggish in zooming in and out and certainly aren’t as zippy as Apple’s maps. The maps are also not optimized for the retina display, so they appear rather blurry. For some, this might be extremely annoying. On the other hand, at least the app supports the iPhone 5's four-inch display.

    Judging the app from some first impressions, it might need some work, but it should be enough to get those angry about Apple’s Maps over the hump. You can download Nokia’s HERE maps app from this think.

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    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      The point of this app is for Nokia to get feedback on their new HERE service. Seems everyone here missed that I see... MS is looking to integrate this into WP8 fully. Unlike another company (ahem, APPLE), they are giving users the CHOICE to use this and give feedback, rather than forcing it on them as a native app. I think that is pretty nice. Extending your test market to iOS and Android is huge.
    1. emeritus's Avatar
      emeritus -
      Unbelievably bad user interface. Not usable. First Apple defamed itself, now it's Nokia's turn.
    1. bradmullins007's Avatar
      bradmullins007 -
      I use Waze. It's simply the best I've used.