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  • Notes on Roll Cuts The 'Crap' With Impressive Update

    Back in June, MMi reviewed a cool app from Bonezales Productions called "Crap You Can't Forget." If you like the idea of reminder notes written down on a roll of toilet paper, this may be an app you've already uncovered. But if not, a good thing is getting even better.

    The productivity app with a great sense of humor got off to a great start. But today I had an opportunity to review the app's recent update to v1.4, which is derived from user feedback and reviews that have frequently suggested, as one example, that password protection should be an option rather than a mandatory feature.

    Now called "Notes on a Roll," three other freshly delivered features include sharing notes via text message, full screen photo and video viewer, and the ability to save multiple photos to a single note. The visionary behind the app says some of the revamped app's best new features were highly recommended in a user poll plastered across the app's Facebook fan page.

    "We have had great feedback on the app overall old and new," Michael Bowen, CEO of Bonezales Productions, told MMi on Friday. "We've addressed almost all the suggestions that were left by review to the app and maintain a overall 4.5 star average with over 60 reviews lifetime."

    And in case you're wondering, some of the app's most popular attributes are still there. For example, when you delete a note, this action is still accompanied by the sound of a toilet flushing.

    "Interacting with the user base and making sure we're constantly making our app better for the end user is our main focus," Bowen says. From what we're seeing of the updated app, the effort and focus have certainly paid off. To see for yourself, mosey on over to the App Store and grab "Notes on a Roll," which is available now for $0.99.
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      Great article. Thank you guys @ Modmyi for taking the time to do this up. Much appreciated.