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  • Your Cash is Good! Apple Reverses Payment Policy

    If you have little, bad, or no credit at all, cash - when available - is likely a trusted ally and your lifeblood for any and all purchases you make. Even for those with perfect credit, some simply choose to can the credit card and manage their budgets will cash in hand as a way to avoid over-spending. No matter your reason or excuse for using cash, Apple hasn't cared for cash. At least not until now.

    When the iPad was released last month, some of us heard rumblings about friends and relatives being turned away at the neighborhood Apple Store because they attempted to purchase an iPad with a wad of cash. Unfortunately, they were all unceremoniously turned away upon learning that Apple doesn't accept cash for iPad purchases. It's a "plastic world" at Apple, with only credit or debit cards accepted for iPad purchases.

    But Apple has apparently now reversed this policy. And we have new iPad owner Diane Campbell to thank for the change. Campbell, who was similarly turned away for trying to buy an iPad with cash, was profiled in the media for her less than satisfactory consumer experience. As a result, Apple senior vice president of retail Ron Johnson got wind of the situation. The next thing you know, the press was there to cover the arrival of a free iPad to Campbell's door with a note of apology.

    That's great for her... but what about everyone else that couldn't buy their iPads with cash? Will Apple now give them a free iPad too? Or is this just a clever PR stunt to make Apple appear to have a heart? Nonetheless, if you were ever turned away for attempting to purchase an iPad with cash, feel free to return to your nearest Apple Store with cash in hand. The new corporate policy now allows for cash payments of the tablet.

    According to legal analysts who weighed in on the matter, Apple was always within its legal means to forbid cash transactions. But whatever is bad for Apple's image is apparently also bad for business. And so your cash is now welcome.

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    1. willpower101's Avatar
      willpower101 -
      Quote Originally Posted by dq13 View Post
      It was the same with the first generation iphone, when it was sold for 400 bucks withouth a contract. the first time I went and asked to buy 10 iphones and wanted to pay cash, I was declined the sale, but they're so smart (being ironic) that I just bought a gift card for 4280 (or whatever was the price for 10 iphones with tax) and returned the next day with the gift card and bought 10 iphones... LOL why not accept the cash on the first place?? I did this at 3 different apple stores every 3 weeks and I was never declined a sale again because "it was not cash" even tho I was purchasing the gift card and using it the same day on the same store just a couple of hours later
      This is awesome.
    1. clikzip's Avatar
      clikzip -
      Quote Originally Posted by kraziebone View Post
      I brought cash for the iPhone 3GS and stood in line for hours and it wasn't an issue. They just had me get a gift card first.
      That's a good point, why weren't they all doing that. Im assuming they make commission. I'd be doing anything possible to make the sale rather than refusing people.
    1. dwightmcc's Avatar
      dwightmcc -
      It seems to me that Apple would rather have cash than plastic. With plastic you run the risk of not getting paid.
      I think their reasoning behind this could be the fact that the amount of cash in the store would be STAGGERING the first month of iPad release. Giving criminals a damn good reason to walk in the store with an iShotgun and freakin iSnap!!!!
      Could be wrong but this is my opinion, can't figure any other reason to not accept cash...