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  • Apple Slammed With $368 Million Settlement For Infringing on Network Patents

    Apple found themselves on the wrong side of a $368 million damages claim today.

    A Texas court ordered Apple to pay $368.2 million in damages to patent holding and security software company VirnetX today. VirnetX filed suit against Apple for violating network patents the company holds and originally asked for $900 million in damages.

    VirnetX is a bonafide patent troll. The company has a history of suing major tech companies for patent infringement. VirnetX originally patented technologies used in creating virtual private networks over the Internet. VirnetX, being the first one to the trough leveraged their patents against companies like Microsoft ($200 settlement) and now other companies like Avaya, Cisco, and Apple are dealing with lawsuits.

    VirnetX isnít just satisfied with their latest win against Apple. VirnetX is leveraging a similar patent in a U.S. International Trade Commission investigation that if ruled against Apple would prevent Apple from importing their devices to the U.S. Obviously VirnetX would rather Apple settle out of court than the ITC ban their products as the later decision doesnít line VirnetXís pockets.

    Source: CNET
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    1. steve-z17's Avatar
      steve-z17 -
      Quote Originally Posted by iLoveWindows&iPhone View Post
      So Apple gets sued and its legit. But if Apple sues anyone, it's just a "claim" they are making. The fact that Apple won, doesn't change in your eyes that it was more than just a "claim"? And why on Earth would you think Apple believes they are untouchable? Just because that's what your little biased brain believes? Of course Apple knows they are going to get sued, they have a massive legal defense team to prove it. Stop being the Fox News of your own mind and believing anything you make up is true.
      +1! Well said! Apple has never said that they were untouchable or could never lose....how someone gets that into their thoughts is beyond me! Or they just hate Apple.....They don't understand that when companies just give in to these patent trolls it gives them more power and they'll keep doing it. And it's always in Texas, because they hate these big companies like Microsoft and Apple. Not to mention they get a percentage of the winnings which is ridiculous! Apple will just appeal and get it thrown out eventually.

      Quote Originally Posted by Painkiller006 View Post
      This is Tim Cook right now lol Attachment 615312

      Haha! Hilarious movie! Great scene
    1. jOnGarrett's Avatar
      jOnGarrett -
      "VirnetX is a bonafide patent troll." ? really, and apple isint? If VirnetX owns the patents and apple used them without permission and without paying for them why shouldnt VirnetX be awarded?
    1. *T*'s Avatar
      *T* -
      Quote Originally Posted by Alluziion View Post
      $368m is a lot of money, even to Apple; just because a company may have enormous cash reserves, it's still a business and every dollar counts. Plus, the damage this could do to brand and share value could be an even larger problem.
      Thank you. All you oafs saying its nothing to them forget to realize that 368 million dollars is a lot to any business. They sold a lot of iPad minis? Maybe it's because they want to make money off it, and not lose it in a court settlement. Fools
    1. hollafront1314's Avatar
      hollafront1314 -
      its about time apple pay up..karma will get u eventually