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  • Theme Of the Week: iATS Alien [DreamBoard iPhone Theme]

    Attention Alien Lovers! This one is for you!

    Inspired by the work of H.R. Giger, the genius behind the design and visual effects of the movie ALIEN, comes a theme designed for your DreamBoard enabled iPhone, iATS Alien.

    Created by AltoidDealer, Them3this and Schnedi, comes an extremely detailed UI setup that is sure to rock the socks off all theme enthusiasts whether your into the Alien series or not. (Special thanks to SnowLeo, GaN-MaN, PathKiller29 and scairflair, without whom this theme would not be possible)

    The theme features a unified, pixel-perfect interface that clearly resembles the Alien series. Everything you need is easily accessible from the Home Screen, as shown in the screenshots below. There are 18 interchangeable widgets included and a variety of Add-Ons that extend the iATS Alien experience further than most DreamBoard interfaces have seen.

    [RELEASE] iATS Alien-img_1069.jpg[RELEASE] iATS Alien-img_1070.jpg[RELEASE] iATS Alien-img_1071.jpg[RELEASE] iATS Alien-img_1072.jpg[RELEASE] iATS Alien-img_1073.jpg[RELEASE] iATS Alien-img_1074.jpg[RELEASE] iATS Alien-img_1075.jpg[RELEASE] iATS Alien-img_1076.jpg[RELEASE] iATS Alien-img_1077.jpg

    With optional sound effects and stunning, fluent animations, this theme is sure to impress. On the home screen there is one-touch access to Phone, Messages, Mail, Clocks, Safari, Photos, Calendar, Weather and 4 Customizable folders. Easily access all of your apps by tapping the "All Apps" section.

    You can choose to activate up to 4 widgets of the 18 and easily switch them out with the touch of a button. You can also customize an RSS Feed which remains rather unobtrusive. Add in some subtle constant animations and your phone comes alive.

    The 4 folders available can hold up to 12 apps each and can easily be customized through the theme itself. Of the 18 widgets available there are 4 clocks, 4 calendars, 4 slideshows, a weather widget, and an RSS Feed (defaulted to ModMyi of course). Add that with the plethora of add-on's available and the theme quickly becomes quite complex and covers almost every angle.

    You can find this theme on Cydia available for download at the price of $2.99.

    On that note, I will leave you with some video footage of this theme in action.

    Cheers and Take Care. Happy Themeing.

    Original Theme Thread Here: http://modmyi.com/forums/iphone-4-ne...ats-alien.html

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    1. kalpesh78's Avatar
      kalpesh78 -
      hey AltoidDealer. great job on the alien package. If you're reading this can you please make one for the Lamborghini reventon. I like classy themes and skins for my iphone.
    1. 2k1's Avatar
      2k1 -
      Quote Originally Posted by altoiddealer View Post
      Its been a rough week for me after hurricane Sandy; I still don't have power and its been just a little chilly lately

      But this certainly makes my night!! Thanks to everyone that supported this theme, along with iSTS Twilight

      Thank you Nick! Thanks 2k1, KotH and everyone else that's been following the progress of iATS Alien and iSTS Twilight all this time
      Your very welcome bud and thank you very much for all the work you been putting into this community
    1. mlee19841's Avatar
      mlee19841 -
      Not my fix. Very nice theme. Nice detail.
    1. repoman16's Avatar
      repoman16 -
      wow this is amazing. great job
    1. szr's Avatar
      szr -
      I was wondering if the Borg would ever assimilate an iPhone.
    1. smooth22's Avatar
      smooth22 -
      The theme I must say is Ugly to much going on a phone not to be mean, but the animations are great.
    1. thevmax's Avatar
      thevmax -
      Quote Originally Posted by smooth22 View Post
      The theme I must say is Ugly to much going on a phone not to be mean, but the animations are great.
      Agreed, 100%.....
    1. Them3this's Avatar
      Them3this -
      Hurts a little that I'm barly mentioned in the article or by randy. I designed this entire theme. I built the back bone. I coded everything. This is simply a graphics variation of iSTS Twilight Pro. The animations, features everything that makes this theme cool was coded and done by me.

      Bit glad my work was nominated as theme of the week with no credit really to my theme or me for building it.
    1. PatrickGSR94's Avatar
      PatrickGSR94 -
      The article mentions you, AltoidDealer, and Schnedi each as the creator of the theme, only one mention each. What else did you want to see?

      I agree that the theme looks amazing, but I haven't been into theming since I was on 3.1.3.
    1. altoiddealer's Avatar
      altoiddealer -
      Quote Originally Posted by Them3this View Post
      Hurts a little that I'm barly mentioned in the article or by randy. I designed this entire theme. I built the back bone. I coded everything. This is simply a graphics variation of iSTS Twilight Pro. The animations, features everything that makes this theme cool was coded and done by me.

      Bit glad my work was nominated as theme of the week with no credit really to my theme or me for building it.
      I apologize for not giving the proper credits to the rest of the iATS Alien team. The article itself appears to have been copy and pasted from the iATS Alien release thread, with a couple edits by the editor. When it came time for me to release the theme, you told me that I could be responsible for posting the thread; you read it over and gave it your blessing. So I didn't have any control over the article listing, but I imagine it could now be updated.

      My power has been out since Sandy struck until just 20 minutes ago it popped back on, so I have been making all comments via my phone. That's still no excuse for not making a proper comment giving thorough credits to the rest of the team.

      I'll copy this comment of mine from the release thread for sgtarters:

      Quote Originally Posted by altoiddealer View Post
      Tyler (Th3methis) created like 95% or more of the original coding for iSTS Twilight, which this theme was based off. I was recruited to the team when I was able to solve a major problem that prevented any further progress of the theme. The interface concept was absolutely incredible, and SnowLeo's graphics really complemented the whole style of it, but the coding and graphics for this downright required to be, literally, pixel-perfect on the graphics end and coding end to really make the theme to actually work the way it was intended to. I studied the existing code and graphics and was able to figure it all out, and had to basically recreate the entire graphics and revise most of the coding from top to bottom.

      After the release of iSTS Twilight, I began working on my own personal version. However, it turned out to be probably the most ambitious thing I have ever set out to do. As I started actually making some progress, it struck me that maybe this could become some kind of add-on. I proposed the idea to Tyler expecting a rejection (the idea is, after all, an entirely new take on the theme), but to my surprise he embraced the idea. The scope of this project really began to broaden and I often found myself spending many nights grinding away long into the AM hours (my gf wanted to kill me but now shes happy ). My original intention was just a cosmetic overhaul, but my knowledge had expanded enough that I could make many significant changes, including the addition of several new features and improvements/bug fixes. In the end, Tyler gave me free reign on this with a few stipulations (cost, credits). I am and always will be eternally grateful for the opportunity that he gave me.
      To add to that, Schnedi created all of the widgets for iSTS Twilight which I modified with his permission, and he also helped me get out with some of the new ideas I had for the Alien widgets.

      But Tyler the way you made that comment, though, makes it sound like I'm just some random guy hacking your theme, trying to steal all the credit! C'mon man!!!!!!!! You know that is absolutely not my intention whatsoever.

      iSTS Twilight should have been Theme of the Week 10 times before iATS Alien was; Alien has been out for over 2 months now with a whopping 82 downloads total, and iSTS Twilight had quadruple that many downloads ON DAY ONE. LOL!

      I did pour my heart and soul into this version though, and you know as well as I do that this is not just a simple graphical variation of iSTS Twilight. I spent over 30 hours working on Twilight, and even more than that creating the Alien variation; all of the coding needed to be changed (all different sized images) and I also added several hundred lines of new code for the additional features.

      Anyone that thinks this theme is ugly, please go check out iSTS Twilight which is for a much, much broader audience than this Alien variation
    1. Them3this's Avatar
      Them3this -
      Not trying to argue. But you simply manipulated my code. And copy and pasted things. Just a shame someone obviously pushed and made some requests for this theme to be featured.

      I built the whole damn thing. And just want credit for it. You don't add a body kit to a car and say you made it. You simply changed it.

      But whatever. This site is so biased anyways.
    1. altoiddealer's Avatar
      altoiddealer -
      Well I just want to clarify with you that I did not ever say or suggest that I built this car. Ive always tried to make your credit, as well as mine, as clear as possible. iSTS Twilight and iATS Alien would not be possible without you, Schnedi, SnowLeo, Gan-Man, scairflare, Pathkiller and myself. Definitely not without you, but please don't forget that I did perform some major CPR on the theme when it was abandoned, requiring a 12-hour long "bug fix"! I still appreciate that beautiful credits you wrote for me. I wasnt as passionate with the iATS Alien credits, but then again my involvement with the theme has only been a few months, not YEARS.

      So please don't rain on my parade now; everyone knows this is OUR theme. Its our parade.

      Tyler made the original code of this theme, and it was absolutely brilliant. Im eternally grateful that he permitted me to publically release this Alien version which I sculpted from the iSTS Twilight base, which I originally intended to be just my own personal version.