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  • Google Search App Gets iPhone 5 Support and Improved Voice Search

    Google hasn’t released Google Maps for iOS nor have they updated their YouTube application for the iPhone 5’s 4-inch display yet, however that doesn’t mean Google isn’t working on new things for iOS. Today Google has updated their Google Search application for iOS to version 2.5 adding an improved voice search.

    The new voice search is very elegant to use, as it will literally spell words out in front of your eyes as you speak them. It’s also really accurate – more than I can say for Siri at times.

    You will notice Google is ready to show off their new voice search feature as soon as you launch the Google Search application, since a new popup appears saying “Try our new voice search” as soon as you update the application. When you tap on it, you’ll see an interface like the one above and you can start speaking to your iPhone. Whatever you say will be searched for through Google’s search engine (surprise?).

    You can also ask Google’s new voice search similar questions that you would ask Siri and get spoken responses. Users of older iOS devices that aren't the iPhone 4S and newer will enjoy the fact that they can get Siri-like functionality without having Siri. You can view Google's demo video of the new Google Search application below:

    Also, you will notice from the additional vertical pixels in the screenshots that Google has added iPhone 5 4-inch display support. Now you can view Web pages in the Google Search application using all 1136 vertical pixels instead of the limiting 960-pixel view. Everything looks and feels much better now just because of this small little addition of vertical pixels.

    Google Search seems like a handy tool for all iOS users. If you’re interested in downloading it for free, you can find it at the link below:

    Google Search

    Sources: App Store via Google
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    1. sunhillcopper's Avatar
      sunhillcopper -
      awesone app
      One small thing I dont get the sound feedback on my iPhone 4 even after changing to US ENGLISH
      Have closed and reopened the App and checked this setting and the Speak Answers Back setting.
      Also gone in to iPhone setting and changed the voice control one there in case the apps links to that.

      Has anyone in australia got sound feedback working??
    1. blkcadi's Avatar
      blkcadi -
      Love the update.
    1. DaddyofTheMacDaddy's Avatar
      DaddyofTheMacDaddy -
      Quote Originally Posted by TrueLoyaltyInc View Post
      Oh man... Beautiful!!!
      WOW! Works great on my iPhone 4s. Very, very quick.
    1. Jj2345's Avatar
      Jj2345 -
      I wonder if the devs can import google search on a jailbroken iPhone one day
    1. mdmcatee's Avatar
      mdmcatee -
      I downloaded this yesterday morning and last night at work showed a co-worker who is on a stock GII and the man wigged out...He's still on ICS and this isn't available to them yet...lol...lol...lol

    1. PatrickGSR94's Avatar
      PatrickGSR94 -
      Tried it the other day on my 3GS and it also works amazingly well. I spoke "Acura Integra ABS light on at random times" and it recognized everything perfectly, and even capitalized words and did the "ABS" in all caps just as I typed it in this sentence. Pretty stinkin' awesome for a free app.