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  • GIVEAWAY - Q Card Wallet Case for iPhone

    I love wallet cases. They're always the case I look for, and I haven't carried a wallet in years now. Let's look at the Q Card wallet case from CM4 today.


    CM4 is based out of Austin, TX, and is a newer company whose Q Card Case is their sole iPhone offering. They also make a variety of cases for gaming devices.

    In the Box

    Simple and easy on this one - in the box is the case! Nothing more, nothing less.


    The Q Card Case is a great case with some nice extras.

    A soft-touch rubber case is backed by a premium-fabric faux-leather pouch for your cards or cash. The case comes in a variety of cases, including white, black, and a turquoise one.

    Many of the card cases we test only fit two cards - the Q Card Case fits three, or two and some cash, which is nice. Anything larger would feel a bit too much for fitting in a pocket, but it's nice to be able to fit two cards and some cash.

    The front of the case is slightly raised above the screen, so you can set the phone down screen down and not worry about scratches (or if it drops). All the cutouts are there (except SIM card, of course), allowing easy access to the various ports, camera, and speaker/mic. The buttons are covered by soft-touch rubber as well, protecting them from the elements (or pocket lint).

    I prefer a hard plastic case to the rubber-style of the Q Card though - hard plastic slides out of the pocket easier. The case overall will fit in your pocket well, but is a little larger than would be preferred.

    Price / Conclusion

    The Q Card Case is available for both iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5 (shipping in November - pre-orders sold out at the time of publishing). They run $39.99. We're giving away an iPhone 4/4S one! Use the form below to enter into the raffle.

    We're giving the Q Card Case a 3.5 leaves rating. It's a good concept using quality material, but a bit thicker than a pocket prefers.

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    1. gallionator's Avatar
      gallionator -
      looks great and quite useful!
    1. lanapiliva's Avatar
      lanapiliva -
      looks cool
    1. spyder2005's Avatar
      spyder2005 -
      Very useful! Like the leather on the back! Would like one!
    1. jwood152003's Avatar
      jwood152003 -
      Never tried a wallet case before. I might actually like it though
    1. Alluziion's Avatar
      Alluziion -
      Would make the everyday University commute a much smoother experience :P
    1. kyphur's Avatar
      kyphur -
      I've never tried a wallet case, might be interesting.
    1. Peter000's Avatar
      Peter000 -
      F#%$ing slide up ads.
    1. TT KH's Avatar
      TT KH -
      Very nice.
    1. Frankiehr's Avatar
      Frankiehr -
      Something I would like to have
    1. GmAz's Avatar
      GmAz -
      LOL, Apple's version of NFC, you just have to supply your own NFC credit card.
    1. batrad's Avatar
      batrad -
      make a perfect gift for the wife.
    1. locobans's Avatar
      locobans -
      Looks great
    1. D.J.C.'s Avatar
      D.J.C. -
      Case mate made a great hard plastic case for the 4/4S. It held 2 cards and was quite thin. Wish they'd make one for the 5.
    1. ishawn's Avatar
      ishawn -
      look really nice never seen a case like that
    1. kuppie's Avatar
      kuppie -
      Nice slim profile.
    1. andypropaganda's Avatar
      andypropaganda -
      Pretty sweet. Wouldn't mind one of these bad Larrys.
    1. jcrappel's Avatar
      jcrappel -
      Looks like an awesome case! Hope I win one!
    1. Prkid93's Avatar
      Prkid93 -
      Hope I win one! This looks SOOO Legit!!
    1. severe's Avatar
      severe -
      My first thought is that this is a good idea. I'm more a card than cash guy. Looks well crafted too. However, the idea of whipping my cards out each time I use my phone (a lot) is a little unsettling.

      I'm sticking with 1 pocket phone/1 pocket cards until proven paranoid.
    1. gruhu13's Avatar
      gruhu13 -
      Looks good - i love the style - it would fit really good with my ipad case