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  • GIVEAWAY - Q Card Wallet Case for iPhone

    I love wallet cases. They're always the case I look for, and I haven't carried a wallet in years now. Let's look at the Q Card wallet case from CM4 today.


    CM4 is based out of Austin, TX, and is a newer company whose Q Card Case is their sole iPhone offering. They also make a variety of cases for gaming devices.

    In the Box

    Simple and easy on this one - in the box is the case! Nothing more, nothing less.


    The Q Card Case is a great case with some nice extras.

    A soft-touch rubber case is backed by a premium-fabric faux-leather pouch for your cards or cash. The case comes in a variety of cases, including white, black, and a turquoise one.

    Many of the card cases we test only fit two cards - the Q Card Case fits three, or two and some cash, which is nice. Anything larger would feel a bit too much for fitting in a pocket, but it's nice to be able to fit two cards and some cash.

    The front of the case is slightly raised above the screen, so you can set the phone down screen down and not worry about scratches (or if it drops). All the cutouts are there (except SIM card, of course), allowing easy access to the various ports, camera, and speaker/mic. The buttons are covered by soft-touch rubber as well, protecting them from the elements (or pocket lint).

    I prefer a hard plastic case to the rubber-style of the Q Card though - hard plastic slides out of the pocket easier. The case overall will fit in your pocket well, but is a little larger than would be preferred.

    Price / Conclusion

    The Q Card Case is available for both iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5 (shipping in November - pre-orders sold out at the time of publishing). They run $39.99. We're giving away an iPhone 4/4S one! Use the form below to enter into the raffle.

    We're giving the Q Card Case a 3.5 leaves rating. It's a good concept using quality material, but a bit thicker than a pocket prefers.

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    1. daveh868's Avatar
      daveh868 -
      My wife would love one!
    1. staysic722's Avatar
      staysic722 -
      Wow this would make a great bday gift for my mom, she just got the 4S
    1. rbonk's Avatar
      rbonk -
      looks awesome!!!!!

      looks totally sweet and useful!
    1. Mrteacup's Avatar
      Mrteacup -
      so sexy
    1. noraa's Avatar
      noraa -
      Looks like a rather nice case, and something very similar to what I've been looking for. I like the idea of a wallet case, but most cases mimic the workings of a real wallet, making it difficult to use the phone. This case goes with a much different and far more modern approach. I like it!
    1. soNburst's Avatar
      soNburst -
    1. javiert30's Avatar
      javiert30 -
      Very ugly thing... my LCD Tv look smaller than that iPhone with that case.
    1. Outrager's Avatar
      Outrager -
      Good idea to keep the clutter out of your pockets.
    1. mmoreno16's Avatar
      mmoreno16 -
      cool idea
    1. claustin's Avatar
      claustin -
      the case comes in a variety of cases
    1. ensigma's Avatar
      ensigma -
      I might not need a wallet anymore!
    1. tanishq.dubey's Avatar
      tanishq.dubey -
      I love the leather design! Looks very modern.

      Very modern design and great leather feel!
    1. _Vansmak_'s Avatar
      _Vansmak_ -
      I've been using this case for awhile. I was sad to get the ip5 because I had to give up my 4s to my wife which included the case. So I was thrilled see the new 5 cases. I was one of the first 300 preorders and will get mine in early November. The company is also very responsive. I strongly endorse this product.
    1. amanda87's Avatar
      amanda87 -
      Why only for US Residents?
    1. fcp's Avatar
      fcp -
      Looks amazing!!!!! Great products like this always related to the greatest iWebsite

      Looks amazing! Great giveaways like this only in the greatest iWebsite
    1. waye2's Avatar
      waye2 -
    1. Calakato's Avatar
      Calakato -
    1. audioman360's Avatar
      audioman360 -
    1. kemcho's Avatar
      kemcho -
      cant wait to get hands on....very useful ..hope its for iphone 5 took