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  • Apple Unveils 4th Generation iPad

    “Earlier this year we announced a beautiful iPad with a Retina Display,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook. “But we're not taking our foot off the gas.”

    With a shorter than ever gap between new models, the 4th generation iPad was unveiled in San Jose this morning, only six months after the third-generation iPad wowed the mobile community and Apple universe.

    On Tuesday, Apple raised the veil on its fourth-generation model, which delivers a substantially faster A6X processor, FaceTime HD camera and, as you might expect, a Lightning connection port.

    "So much faster than the competition," Schiller says, "I can't even see them in the mirror."

    Best of all, Apple is maintaining its introductory price levels. The new iPad (Wi-Fi only with 16 GBs) starts at $499, with the Wi-Fi + cellular version running $629. Embellishing the new model further is the fact that the 4th generation iPad delivers expanded LTE support for the device to be compatible with more global carriers.

    More details to follow.
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    1. tedcairns's Avatar
      tedcairns -
      Just wondering if Apple's desire to provide good product for their customers is becoming overshadowed by their desire to see their stock price increase.

      I am sure when they released the iPad 3 they already knew about the iPad 4 coming out in just 6 months.

      It might have served their faithful customers better to forget the IPad 3 and just wait until the iPad 4 was ready to ship.

      I for one now have an iPad 3 and am not ready to upgrade yet and feel a bit betrayed especially when I have been an Apple fan for so long and photography is my passion.

      Will have to think about this before I buy another iPad.