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  • Possible Photo of Third-Generation iPad Revamped with Lightning Connector

    A recently released image claims to show a slightly modified third-generation iPad with a Lightning connector port, possibly pointing towards an imminent release of a refreshed iteration of the iOS device. The photo was posted to Apple.pro and shows a full-size iPad back case with a small dock hole seemingly meant to support Apple’s propriety Lightning connector. One thing to note is that the authenticity of the image cannot be confirmed and is therefore provided for purposes of discussion only.

    The new shell is supposedly shown resting atop the current iPad with 30-pin dock connector, showing the differences between the two cutouts. Furthermore, there is a Lightning flex cable on top of the case, which appears to indicate that it perfectly lines up with the slot. As of right now, it isn't clear if the component will be used in the revamped iPad but it does seem likely.

    As time goes on, Apple is expected to bring Lightning connectivity to all of its iOS products as they are refreshed. This will offer compatibility to the upcoming accessories for all iOS devices. The proprietary standard is seen as a long-term investment for the company and is expected to have a lifetime of ten years, which mirrors that of the 30-pin dock connector. As of right now, it isn't certain whether Apple will release the slightly modified iPad but it may take the opportunity to do so at the upcoming event, where the company is expected to unveil the 7.85 “iPad mini.”

    Source: Apple.pro
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    1. Airwaves182's Avatar
      Airwaves182 -
      Quote Originally Posted by fleurya View Post
      I fail to see anywhere where anyone said you should buy a new iPad just to get a different connector.

      Be gone, troll!!
      How is he a "troll"?! Because he had an opinion that you don't agree with? Haha
    1. RokeSmoreMeefer's Avatar
      RokeSmoreMeefer -
      iPad 3L?
    1. mmaboi21's Avatar
      mmaboi21 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Airwaves182 View Post
      How is he a "troll"?! Because he had an opinion that you don't agree with? Haha
      Umm... Did you read his statement. Opinion or not its trolling.
    1. ChicagoV's Avatar
      ChicagoV -
      Looks to me more like there's that shiny plastic film on the back, moreso than an "obvious" Photoshop job.

      We'll find out shortly, I guess.
    1. korbyn8495's Avatar
      korbyn8495 -
      Is it me? Or do the Apple logo and camera look awfully shoddy....? Like they were just cut and moved there?
    1. Spazmonic's Avatar
      Spazmonic -
      Quote Originally Posted by femibrim View Post
      Sooooooo hopefully I can switch out my iPad 3 for the newer one....
      Can't imagine why Apple stock continues to fall. If they release this people that bought the new iPad should be pissed. Is it even 10 months old yet?
    1. formfactor's Avatar
      formfactor -
      Quote Originally Posted by RokeSmoreMeefer View Post
      iPad 3L?
      Haha nice little bug avatar there, I actually was trying to crush it on my screen before realizing it a gif.
    1. mmaboi21's Avatar
      mmaboi21 -
      So that probably is the new iPad with retina display...